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Using technology to support Powys people to continue to live at home

Meet Will and Beth!

Will and Beth both live in Australia.

While their mum lives in Welshpool.

Will contacted us because his mum has developed dementia.

Her neighbours are great but they needed more help for mum.

We fitted a Canary Home Monitoring System in mum's house.

The system comprises of a number of sensors fitted around the home.

Will and Beth can now log into a secure website and see mum's movements around her bungalow.

Will likes to view mum's movements on his laptop

Beth prefer to view all is ok from her phone

Will and Beth are able to programme the system to alert them if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

They then contact a neighbour willing to help out.

Will and Beth have described the Canary system as a 'Godsend'.

Mum can stay living by herself in her bungalow.

That's just where she wants to be with Tiggles.

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Call ASSIST Adult Social Care Information Service on 0345 602 7050.

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