The Statutory Sick Pay Enhancement Scheme

The Statutory Sick Pay Enhancement Scheme supports care workers who only get Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) when absent, or who are not eligible for SSP.

It means that employers can pay eligible workers their full pay if they cannot work due to COVID-19 or if they have to self-isolate.

This removes the financial disadvantage to care workers of staying away from work. This will help to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

You will need to access this scheme via your employer who will be able to provide you with the details they need to apply for the payment.

You can find out the full details of this scheme at the Welsh Government site. (

Care workers may be entitled to access the Isolation Payment scheme but they cannot access both schemes and it will be the employee's decision which scheme to apply to for each absence. 

A flow chart on the Welsh Government website will help you establish if you are entitled to support under the enhanced SSP scheme:

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