'Deplorable' verbal abuse of social care workers

Image of social carer with gloves

February 23, 2021

Image of social carer with gloves The verbal abuse of people working in the care sector during Covid-19 from some members of the public is so disappointing says a mid Wales council's director of Social Care.

Alison Bulman is Corporate Director with responsibility for social care at Powys County Council and she responded to media reports of care staff in the north of Powys receiving abuse and accused of spreading the Covid-19 virus.

"To say I was angry to read these reports is a major understatement," said Ms Bulman. "Care workers have been doing amazing work during this pandemic and they should not have to put up with such ignorant comments from some members of the public as they go about their lives."

Media reports over the weekend highlighted a care home director in the north of the county who said that her staff were being 'treated like lepers'. This follows on from reports in August of care workers being 'shunned' in their communities in a different part of the county.

The care sector has clear guidance on how to work in as Covid-secure a way as possible, including strict hygiene procedures and compulsory use of PPE, which the council has supplied to the care sector. Care staff, whether employed by the council or working in the independent sector, are also provided with twice weekly Lateral Flow Tests.

"These are the workers that we were clapping on our doorsteps a while ago and now they are facing this - I think it's deplorable.  Our neighbours, friends and family working in the care sector have been supporting our older people and our residents with learning disabilities throughout this pandemic and they deserve nothing but praise," added Ms Bulman.

Councillor Myfanwy Alexander is Cabinet Member with responsibility for Adult Social Care and she added: "The hard work, persistence, courage and cheerfulness of our care staff have made them the heroes of this pandemic: they deserve our full support and any ill-informed hostility towards them should be deplored."

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