Online mapping system makes it easier to tell us about cycling and walking route improvements

Image of a cycle path sign

10 March 2021

Image of a cycle path signAs part of any ongoing engagement exercise on identifying areas of improvement and new active travel routes within Powys, a new online mapping system is now available to help identify specific areas of interest.

Perhaps it's simply somewhere safe to leave your bike whilst you pop to the shops. Maybe a cycle lane would make you feel more confident to ride on the road. Perhaps a zebra crossing would allow pupils to safely walk to and from school. Or maybe the pavement needs improving to make walking to town with the children and a pushchair easer. There are lots of different options which could be considered to improve the 'active travel' routes within your town.

The new Commonplace map allows you to quickly and easily drop a pin on the map to show where there may be any walking or cycling issues and where you would like to see improvements made. It will be available for you to take a look and share with your family and friends until 31 March:

 "The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 aims to make Wales a walking and cycling nation." Explains Cllr Heulwen Hulme, Powys County Council Cabinet Member for Environment.

"With your help, we plan to further progress the map developed by communities in 2016/17, identifying potential future active travel networks within the 11 designated localities (the largest towns within Powys). We want to understand our current walking and cycling habits, and how these could be enhanced in the future, and would love to hear the views of people who either live, work or visit our towns. This includes community groups, schools, families and individuals.

"Along with the surveys, the new Commonplace map makes it much easier for you to let us know where there may be any issues or where you would like to suggest some improvements to cycling and walking routs in your area. Please take a look and let us know your views.

"Once all the routes and suggestions for improvements have been identified and analysed, a draft Active Travel Network Map will be made available for final public consultation early next summer."

To find out more about the council's active travel plans and to let us know your ideas on improving active travel routes in your area, please visit

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