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UKCRF Introductory Event - Questions, comments, and responses

Match funding: Is there an expected level of match funding?

You can apply for 100%, but if you can contribute some funds, it may help with the appraisal (in terms of value for money).

Skills: Does inclusion of training for skills help applications?

Skills will help with getting people into work, it may help with the appraisal (in terms of value for money).

Data: Will there be 'easy' access to data that can support bids (e.g., employment, skills, and training levels)? How much support is available from the PCC Corporate Insight Centre, to supply applicants with statistical information to be included in applications.

The Powys County Council Well Being information is freely available:

Full Well-being assessment analysis

Well-being assessment survey

Wellbeing Information Bank

For more specific enquiries please email

Information: What if the PCC guidance cannot answer all our questions?

The CRF guidance provides a great deal of information, but the CRF team are happy to seek guidance or clarification from UK Government if needed.

Smaller projects: Are smaller projects acceptable.

Smaller projects would be considered. The impact within the county would be assessed. Which is why partnership projects or packages of projects are encouraged.

The scheme is encouraging collaborative projects.

Clarity regarding packaged and collaborative/consortium bids has been gained from UK Government since the events, as follows:

Collaborative/Consortium bids - this is where an organisation takes the lead but also the responsibility as the applicant, with agreements set up with partners to deliver a collaborative bid.  This would require one application form from the lead organisation. 

Cross Authority Collaborative/Consortium bids - UK Government would encourage Lead Authorities to liaise so that a project that crosses Lead Authority areas is only submitted to them once and to manage applications within the £3m limit per place.  However, the £3m limit is based on UK Community Renewal Fund activity in a place. If projects are submitted to UK Government that include activity in other places, that would not count towards the £3m limit for Powys. e.g., if Powys were to collaborate on a project with Ceredigion and Carmarthen LA's and Powys were the lead & the total project cost is £300k, £100k in each local authority area, Powys as lead, would submit the bid for £300k but £100k would come out of Powys' £3m allocation and Ceredigion & Carmarthen, would also receive £100k each out of their allocation, if the project were approved.

Applicants wishing to bid in to more than one local authority area/place- as Powys has advertised for projects that benefit Powys, these applicants should make separate applications to each local authority area/place.

Packages of individual project applications with a joint objective- these can be submitted, and reference can be made within each application referring to the connection to other projects within the same local authority area/place and to project applications in other local authority areas/places.  UK Government asks, "How does the project align with other existing or planned activities in the area? Is the project linked to other UK Community Renewal Fund bids? Is the project important to taking forward other local activity?" This can be used to explain how projects relate to each other, either within your package or alongside neighbouring areas.  UK Government will take that advice into account during the assessment process; however, they will assess each project that is submitted to them individually, on its merits not as a package.

The launch event was an opportunity to network and link up with other groups/individuals. Please ask for contacts at

Chambers of Trade/Commerce: Can organisations such as Chambers of Trade/Commerce could apply as long as their projects meet the criteria set out within the conditions.

As long as Chambers of Trade/Commerce are legally constituted groups they can apply.

Key people to help:  who might be able to help on each 'theme?

Please send detailed questions to

It may be possible to combine projects into one larger bid, Nick and Michelle from PAVO are happy to discuss and help in terms of the Communities and Place theme.

Feasibility Study: Can a bid for 2021-22 be a feasibility study / pilot as an evidence base for seeking shared prosperity funding?

This is the aim of the CRF funding to develop innovative ideas ready for Shared Prosperity Funding beyond 2021-2022.

Projects over several local authority areas: If a project crosses several local authority areas including Powys, should it be several separate bids?

Each local authority would submit their own bids and one local authority would need to take the lead.

Community Events: Would a town event qualify for funding?

Collaboration is needed to apply for a larger project with bigger impact or you can seek individual help from the Regeneration Team -  

More than one bid: Can you be a partner on more than one bid?

You can put in as many applications as you want.

Short deadline: The timeline closing date is in 3 weeks.

UK Government deadlines are very short, so a project that is already in development may be possible.

Completion date for projects: Please could you confirm the date in March 2022 when projects must be complete by/? Is it 31st March?

Projects may need to finish a little before this to allow time for an evaluation, which is mandatory. All expenditure has to be defrayed by 31/03/22; if you are paying for an evaluation this would need to be completed before that element is paid.

Payments not made before 31/03/22: What happens if you do not spend all the money by the end of March 2022?

You can only claim for what you have spent up to and including 31/03/21.

Feasibility Studies: Can a project apply for funding to develop the project idea? e.g., We need to pay professionals to estimate the costs.

Feasibility Studies can be all of your bid for this funding. Professional fees are eligible costs as part of the project.

Powys location: Can an organisation be physically located outside of Powys but delivers services in Powys?

All of the outcomes and beneficiaries need to be in the Powys area but the organisation delivering can be based outside.

Shared Prosperity Fund: This is all about preparation for the Shared Prosperity Fund. Can you provide some insight into what this is / might be? i.e., what 'target' / 'objective' might we be aiming for?

No insight/information has come through to us at all. The full Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF) prospectus is due to be published in the Summer.  It is anticipated that applications into this fund will inform the full SPF.

Powys Internal Projects: Can you share what PCC itself might be putting forward as project proposals?

PCC is likely to be putting in bids. Information and help is available to all applicants. The CRF team will score allthe bids via an internal appraisal group.

Scrutiny of application process: Is there to be any external oversight of the selection process?

The CRF team will score all the bids via an internal appraisal group. Then they will follow the standard route for funding bids: internal sign off, PCC Cabinet sign off, then the PCC Scrutiny Committee. All processes will be available for audit. There will be a Functionality Report submitted to UK Government showing:

  • how all the application process has been open and transparent,
  • how the applications have been appraised,
  • how the due diligence for the project deliverers have been assessed, and
  • how any declarations of interest have been monitored.

Pilot Projects for more sustained activity: Could the project be a pilot for more sustained activity?

The project could be an innovative pilot for more sustained activity. Please send in any specific questions to

More than one theme: Will you be able to group projects from across Powys around themes? e.g., sport or wellbeing of young people.

You can bid into more than one theme within one project.

Partner in more than one bid: Can you be a partner on more than one bid?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of applications that you can be involved in.

Grant Funding Pots: Could the establishment of a grant fund be acceptable? Or would the payments to those beneficiaries need to receive the grants by the end of March 2022?

You can administer a Grant Funding Pot as part of your project. All payments, including grants have to be made before the deadline 31/03/22.

Will this grant be available again: Is it likely that something similar will be available next year?

This is a one-off option and is a precursor for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund due to be publicised in the Summer.

Payment in arrears:  Is payment in arrears - and if so, how soon / what's the frequency of payment. Is it possible to forward fund projects that don't have the reserves to carry project costs for months?

This would have to be part of an agreement with the project deliverers. There is potential for forward funding on a case-by-case basis.  All project applicants will be subject to a due diligence check.

Key people to help:  who might be able to help on each 'theme?

Please send detailed questions to


Contacts for possible project collaboration:

  • Skills Academy - there is a Sustainable Skills Cluster going through feasibility at present. Led by Mid Wales Manufacturing but also NPTC Group and C.A.T. as partners. Interesting in expanding this / joining in with this? Get in touch

An opportunity for smaller project on the same theme to collaborate with Adam.

Happy to facilitate discussions on the Communities and Place theme. Have a few ideas on a co-ordinating principle to ensure maximum geographical reach for a project under this theme, which I am happy to share. PAVO simply wants to try and ensure that the 3rd sector and communities in Powys have an ability to benefit from this funding.

I am meeting with a number of groups providing digital services or wanting to provide digital services next week to see if they wish to put in a coordinated package of bids.

Early intervention support, local business, and entrepreneurship. We would welcome discussions on collaboration and partnership.

  • Credu Carers is very happy to be contacted about collaboration on a project across the county.


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