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Safe homes for Afghan families

Image of people holding a small house in their hands

5 August 2021

Image of people holding a small house in their handsThree Afghan families fleeing their country after helping British forces will be offered safe homes in Powys, the Cabinet has agreed.

The council has agreed to support the national Afghan Resettlement and Assistance Programme which is relocating families that helped British forces to the UK. The scheme is being funded by the Home Office.

Powys, which has been successful in helping settle Syrian families fleeing the war-torn region, has agreed to provide three homes in the county.

The county has a strong military heritage and a proud record of helping vulnerable refugees fleeing some of the world's hostile regions. It is providing safe homes to three Afghan families who are at risk because they helped our forces.  The Cabinet believe this is the right thing to do and an action that residents would support.  

Cabinet Member for Adult Social care, Councillor Myfanwy Alexander said: "Powys County Council are proud to be able to take part in this process, giving new homes to those who bravely supported our Armed Forces during the deployment in Afghanistan.  We owe a debt of gratitude for their courage and look forward to helping them make a new start here."

Cabinet Member for Housing Iain McIntosh added: "I am delighted that we're able to support this important resettlement and assistance program by offering safe homes for three Afghan families here in Powys. The brave service and help given by members of the Afghan community to British forces abroad has been invaluable but leaves them in a vulnerable position in hostile foreign regions. I'm sure our communities will offer the warm welcome the three families deserve, and I hope they settle into their new homes soon."

Local authorities across the UK have been asked to help resettle up to 3,000 people made up of those who were employed by the British forces and their families.

The Home Office will be responsible for sourcing initial temporary accommodation, and funding COVID quarantine arrangements which will be needed when they arrive in the UK.

The resettlement, which was due to happen over the next two years, is now described as 'an evacuation' which the Ministry of Defence hopes to complete over the next two months. The national programme will be funded by the Home Office.

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