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Commercial Vehicle Permit FAQs

What is the Commercial Vehicle or Trailer (CVT) Permit scheme and why is this necessary?

Powys County Council restricts the type of vehicles that are permitted access to its five Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).

The scheme is designed to provide householders with commercial vehicles (registered to them and to an address in Powys) access to the sites with their own household waste and recycling by applying for a CVT permit from the Council.

Apply for a CVT Permit online Commercial Vehicle or Trailer Permits application form

Do I need to apply for CVT permits?

You do not need a permit if your vehicle is a:

  • Car
  • SUV
  • People carriers, up to a maximum of eight seats
  • Caravanette
  • Camper vans
  • Trailer up to 1.4m* in length and towed by any of the above vehicles

You do need a permit if your vehicle is a:

  • Sign written cars (with the exception of courtesy cars and taxis)
  • All hire and company/works vehicles
  • Trailers towed by an authorised vehicle (listed above) over 1.4m* in length and up to 2.44m*
  • All vans up to 5 metres in overall length
  • All picks ups up to 3.5 tonne legal gross weight
  • All Land Rover Defenders (including all early 'Series' Land Rovers)


Are there any vehicles which cannot access the HWRCs under the CVT permit scheme?

Unfortunately we cannot allow access to the following, with or without a CVT permit:

  • Any vehicle exceeding 3.5 tonnes legal gross weight
  • Trailers over 2.44m* in length
  • Flat bed and Tipper vehicles
  • Any van other than short wheelbase
  • Mini buses
  • Luton box vans
  • Agricultural vehicles including tractors, horseboxes and stock trailers

*The length of the trailer refers to the useable space of the bed of the trailer, excluding the hitch.


How do I apply for a CVT permit?

If the commercial vehicle you are using is registered to you and to an address in Powys you can apply for a CVT Permit from the Council. You will need to provide a copy of your V5 documentation with your application.

Applications for trailers will also need to include a copy of the V5 for the vehicle that will be used to tow the trailer, whether this is commercial or not.

Applications for hire vehicles will need to include a copy of the hire agreement.

Applications for company/works vehicles will need to include a letter of permission from the employer including vehicle details (on company headed paper).

All applications will also require proof of address (please provide copies only).

You can apply online and upload a scan / photograph of the required documentation with your application or you can apply online and select to post a copy of your documentation to us. 

You can also apply by phone on: 0845 602 7035 but you will have to post a copy of your documentation to us.

Apply for a CVT Permit online Commercial Vehicle or Trailer Permits application form


Can I use any commercial vehicle once I have my CVT Permits?

No, your CVT Permits will be vehicle specific and only the registration quoted will be allowed access to the HWRCs.

If you change your vehicle you will need to return your existing permits before replacements with updated information will be issued. Replacements will be issued on a like for like number basis.


Once I have my CVT Permits how often can I use the HWRCs?

You will be issued with twelve CVT Permits which will allow you a total of twelve visits per year.

Each time you visit a HWRC you must give a CVT Permit to the site attendant which will be kept on site. If you are unable to do this you will not be permitted access to the site.


Do CVT permits allow me to deposit commercial waste at HWRCs?

No, this permit is for your own household recycling and waste only. If you are producing waste as a result of your business you will need to make separate arrangements to recycle or dispose of this.


Terms & Conditions   Please contact us on 0845 602 7035 for more information. (view call charges information here)


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