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Blue-Green algae found at Llandrindod Lake

Image of Llandrindod lake

20 August 2021

Image of Llandrindod lakeBlue-green algae has been found at Llandrindod Lake and as a result Powys County Council is recommending that activities - especially where immersion in the water is likely - are restricted.

The algae produce toxins which can cause skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, fever and headache if swallowed. Occasionally it can cause more serious illness such as adverse effects on the liver and nervous system.

The blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) occur naturally in inland waters, estuaries and seas and cannot be removed or treated. They thrive in warm conditions and are likely to come and go throughout the summer season.

Given the potential health risks caused by blue-green algae people are advised:

  • not to swim in the water or to become immersed, eg stand-up paddle boarding.
  • not to swallow the water
  • to avoid contact with the algae
  • not to eat fish caught in Llandrindod Lake
  • not to allow pets or livestock to come into contact with the water
  • to observe and abide by notices positioned around Llandrindod Lake

Anyone who has come into contact with water containing blue-green algae should shower with fresh water immediately.

Anyone who has come into contact with affected water and has become ill should obtain medical attention.

For further help and advice please contact Powys County Council's Countryside Access and Recreation Team on 01597 827500.

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