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Could you open your home to a foster child?

Image of Emma and Caroline with a door

5 October 2021

Image of Emma and Caroline with a doorSeveral life-size front doors have been unveiled outside the Senedd today as Foster Wales invites the public to consider opening their homes to help accommodate children who need care and support. Foster Wales is the new network of 22 Local Authority fostering services across the country coming together to make a positive impact on the futures of children and young people.   

Powys County Council is keen to increase the number of local foster carers to help keep children in their own area, maintaining familiarity with the community they already know. 

Powys County Council's Cabinet Member for Children's Services, Cllr Rachel Powell says "Foster carers in Powys have told me countless times about how rewarding the experience of looking after a child can be. I encourage anyone who can to offer their home so that those children who need our help can live happier childhoods and grow up into the people they want to be. By fostering with your local authority, important local relationships, which help children thrive, can continue." 

Today's unveiling of life-sized front doors represents each of the 22 Local Authorities and the combined national goal of working together to help build better futures for children in Wales.  

Emma and Dan, Foster carers in Powys said, "We started fostering through an agency but moved to Local Authority fostering a couple of years ago. It was our intention to focus our efforts working for a service, instead of a business, which is how our agency started to feel for us. 

"It was important for us to feel a stronger sense of togetherness, working alongside our own local authority within our own community. 

"In our role as foster carers, we have seen first-hand how important it is to young people looked after to remain close to their home, school and social networks. Local Authorities need foster carers to achieve this and we hoped to be part of that solution, to be part of a wider team and service that fosters a sense of family and community.

"After ten years as foster carers we are as passionate as ever, we continue to be fierce advocates for children and young people and find new ways every day to feel encouraged, motivated and deeply fulfilled."

Foster Wales is encouraging more people like Emma and Dan to open up their homes to help build better futures for local children in need. 

Today's event follows the recent launch of a wider Foster Wales campaign which aims to make a substantial national impact on the lives of young people in Wales. 

To find out more about Local Authority fostering in Powys visit: powys.fosterwales.gov.wales or phone 0800 22 30 627 for further information.

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