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Don't forget your school bus pass

Image of the new school bus pass being used

7 October 2021

Image of the new school bus pass being usedFollowing the introduction of the new Powys school bus passes for the start of the 2021 Autumn term, all learners are reminded to bring their new pass to school with them every day.

The new passes were established to improve the safety of students as well as ensure that the home to school transport service is run at its most efficient. Students are required to have their pass scanned when they get on and off the vehicles, both on the way to and from school. As with all new systems, there is always a settling in period with a certain amount of leeway allowed. However, following the October halfterm, students will be expected to remember their pass (or at least their manual code) every day.

By scanning the QR codes of the pass each time a student gets on and off a vehicle, we can create an accurate passenger list which can be accessed, if needed, in case of an emergency. Being able to identify which students are traveling on which vehicles at any one time, means that allows us to conform with Track, Trace and Protect purposes.

As an aside to student and driver safety, the added benefit of the introduction of the new bus passes allows us to monitor how the vehicles are being used. Where possible, this will allow us to make improvements to vehicles ensuring we run the service efficiently and making savings for the taxpayers, where we can.

"Powys has the most extensive home to school transport service in all of Wales" explains Cllr Aled Davies, Cabinet Member for Transport.

"Since the introduction of the new school bus pass, the school transport unit have issued over 6,000 passes to Powys learners. We understand that adapting to change can be tough, but we thank the schools, transport providers, parents and students for their support in implementing and embracing these new passes in such a short timescale."

"As always, the safety of our students is paramount, and we are pleased with how well this new system is working and the benefits that will entail with its continued use."

If a learner has not yet received their pass and you believe that they should have one, please email the transport unit (transport.applications@powys.gov.uk) with the learner's name and date of birth so that we can investigate and issue the card if entitled to travel. Please note that any student without an entitlement to transport will not be able to travel after half term, parents will need to make alternative arrangements.

For further information regarding the new School Bus Pass please visit https://en.powys.gov.uk/schoolbuspass

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