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Celebrate St David's Day

St David's Day Daffodils

28 February 2022

St David's Day Daffodils
Join the council to celebrate all things Welsh this St David's Day.

Did you know Powys County Council, along with all other Welsh councils, has a legal duty to ensure all residents can receive services in Welsh?

We embrace the Welsh language in everything we do, it's part of who we are and what we offer.

We are proud to be a bilingual council and we issue all our communications with residents and staff in Welsh and English. Alongside more young people in Powys being able to speak Welsh, we also have a range of Welsh language courses on offer throughout the county, encouraging people to learn and improve their skills.

If you don't already, why not add a few Welsh phases into your day to celebrate St David's Day? Greet your friends, neighbours, and colleagues in Welsh. Here are a few phrases to get you started:

  • S'mae / Shwmae! - Hi! How's things?
  • Iawn - Fine
  • Bore da - Good morning
  • Prynhawn da - Good afternoon
  • Hwyl - Bye

Cllr Myfanwy Alexander, Cabinet Member for Welsh Language, said: "Welsh is a treasure we can all share. Its ancient musicality gives it a magical sound, which is why it inspired writers like Tolkien, but you don't have to be an elf warrior to say hello to your neighbours and make new friends in Welsh. Here's how:"

Fancy learning Welsh or know someone that wants to? You can find free online taster courses to get started.

For more information on how we use the Welsh language, visit: