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Alternative Support for Household Energy Bills this Winter

Powys Council have been notified of a new UK wide grant coming that will support people who don't have a direct contract with a domestic electricity supplier.

They will instead be eligible to apply for assistance via this new Alternative Funding scheme with a potential payment of £400.

In addition, the Government has announced the Alternative Fuel Payment (AFP), for households that use fuels other than gas (such as heating oil) to heat their home for amounts of £200.

So for example some homes that may qualify for help under these schemes are for example:

  • care home residents
  • residents of park homes
  • tenants in certain private and social rented homes
  • homes supplied via private wires
  • residents of caravans and houseboats on registered sites
  • farmers living in domestic farmhouses
  • off-grid households

Applicants will only be able to submit information through GOV.UK website from later on in January 2023.

Central Government will check eligibility and then when approved ask a local authority to check and make the payment.

Powys Council has no further information on this scheme and you should go to the website below to get further information on how to apply and the process and when it will be open.

Please do not contact Powys Council staff as we can't help you beyond directing you to the website.

Vital help with energy bills on the way for millions more homes across Great Britain and Northern Ireland - GOV.UK (