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Scan | Recycle | Reward - Terms and conditions



The Trial Organiser is Circularity Solutions Limited, representing The DDRS Alliance and working in collaboration with Powys County Council

  1. The scheme is open to all members of the public that purchase a product that is in scope of the trial and returns the empty container correctly through one of the provided return options.
  2. This scheme is part of a trial and participation is voluntary. All rewards are paid out solely at the discretion of the Trial Organiser.
  3. The nature and size of the rewards may be changed at any time and any changes will be notified via the trial website at
  4. The Trial Organiser reserves the right to refuse to pay out any reward for whatever reason.
  5. The trial design and terms and conditions may be amended and/or terminated at any time, such changes being notified via the trial website.
  6. Once the trial reaches its end date, all QR codes on stickers will be de-activated and no rewards will be able to be claimed through them.
  7. It is intended to provide a period of time once the trial has ended to allow rewards to be redeemed - the Redemption Period. This will be notified via the trial website and those with balances in their account will be notified to redeem via email. Any balances held in users' online accounts after the Redemption Period shall be deleted as will all online accounts.
  8. Rewards accrued through the web App can only be redeemed through UK bank accounts or donated to the nominated charities. No other redemption methods for online rewards are available.
  9. Rewards paid out for containers returned via an over-the-counter service will be in the form of cash only. If the operating retailer suspects foul play, then, at their sole discretion, they may withhold or refuse to pay any reward.
  10. Rewards paid out for containers returned through a community bin will be in the form of credit to users' online accounts only. Rewards may be withheld if users do not place their containers correctly in the community bins or if they place material in the bins that are not in-scope drink containers (litter).
  11. Rewards can only be paid on the successful first scan of a genuinely coded container sticker, when that container has been returned according to the instructions given. If there is no sticker on a container, then no reward can be given: No Sticker = No Reward.
  12. If a sticker code has already been used to claim a reward, even if done fraudulently, then no further reward is payable on that code unless any fraudulent reward is recovered. The Trial Organiser will undertake to recover fraudulently paid out rewards but reserves the right to only pay out one reward per sticker issued.
  13. Obtaining a reward in a manner other than defined in the trial literature may be fraudulent. The Trial Organiser reserves the right to withhold rewards if fraudulent or suspicious activity is suspected and may report such activity to the police for criminal investigation. If fraudulent activity is suspected and investigated by the Trial Organiser, then the ability to redeem any rewards associated with the account under investigation may be suspended until such investigations are complete and the activity cleared as legitimate.
  14. Users whom the Trial Organiser believes may be abusing the trial in any way may have their online accounts frozen and, if the Trial Organiser believes their action might be unlawful, may be referred to the police for criminal investigation.
  15. The Trial Organiser takes no responsibility for inaccurate or incorrect data provided by users, such as bank account details, nor any consequences arising from those data.
  16. All enquiries or complaints should be sent via the trial helpline email address at