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Procurement rules - Getting quotes

Purchasing goods, services or works

When procuring works, goods and services, applicants are expected to conduct the process in a manner which ensures openness, value for money and fairness and must follow the procurement procedures as they are outlined in this section.

Think Powys First

We encourage you to explore the marketplace to establish if there are any businesses within Powys that can provide the goods / service that you are seeking to purchase and include them in your invites to quote.  Powys County Council and businesses operating within the County have a big role to play in the economic recovery of Powys and local supply development is fundamental.

Procurement Thresholds

The precise procedures to be followed will depend upon the size of the order or contract to be let. Powys County Council (PCC) operates a graduated set of procedures which recognises the need to lighten administrative requirements for contracts involving smaller amounts.