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Families First

Families First in Powys provides support to families with children who are facing difficulties, particularly to those with low-incomes. Families First provides different types of support to the whole family depending on what your needs are through projects, activities and training that is organised by parts of the council, charities and other organisations.

Our AimsFamilies First logo

  • Helping working age people in low-income families to gain, and progress within employment
  • Empowering children, young people and families, in or at risk of poverty to achieve their potential
  • Ensuring children, young people and families are healthy, safe and enjoy well-being
  • Empowering families to be confident, nurturing and resilient


We carried out an assessment of need to ensure that the services we provided under Families First in Powys met the county's needs. We then commissioned services and projects to meet the Families First aims under four areas:-


Including the Integrated Disability Service and the Powys Referral Scheme.

Family and Behaviour Support

Including services such as Flying StartIncredible Years and the Youth Intervention Service.

Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Including services such as the MEND Programme, Play therapy and Domestic Abuse support.


Including Workforce Development and Training, Family Information Service and Powys People Direct.




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