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Latest corporate self-assessment available to view online

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23 October 2023

Image of County Hall
Powys County Council's latest corporate self-assessment report is now available to view on its website.

Covering April 2022 to March 2023, the document collates information gathered from a variety of sources, demonstrating how the council:

  • Exercises its functions effectively;
  • Uses resources economically, efficiently and effectively;
  • Is underpinned by effective governance.

Cabinet approved the corporate self-assessment report on Tuesday, July 18.

The aim of the report is to present an honest, reflective assessment of how the council has performed in the last 12 months; what has worked well, what needs to improve and what needs to be done differently for the people of Powys.

This report also details how the council has delivered against the well-being objectives and measures within the council's strategic documents including the Corporate Improvement Plan and the Strategic Equality Plan.

Cllr James Gibson-Watt, Leader and Cabinet Member for an Open and Transparent Powys, said: "The Council is required to develop and publish a self-assessment report once in every financial period.

"This report indicates how the council is delivering at a strategic level and how processes are reviewed to ensure they are working correctly.

"This is a reflective process, and both good practice and areas for improvement have been identified and will be used to improve how the Council works, and ultimately, supports the people of Powys.

"This is also a report for the people of Powys, and we would welcome everyone sharing their views on how effective they feel we are as your Council."

To read the full report go to Annual Corporate Self-Assessment Report.

To share your views at any time, please use the following link: