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Do you have problems with daily tasks like dressing or bathing?

'Daily tasks' (also known as 'Activities of Daily Living') include: 

  • Self-care, for example, washing, toileting, dressing, eating and drinking.
  • 'Transfers' such as getting in and out of bed, on and off a chair or the toilet, or in and out of a bath or showerImage of a lady having a meal
  • Mobility activities such as managing stairs
  • Domestic activities, like cooking, housework or shopping.

There are gadgets and equipment that help many people manage these activities independently: For example, pick-up sticks (often called 'helping hands') are useful if you can't reach your feet or pick things up from the floor. Tap-turners, jar-openers and key-turners can help if you have poor grip or weak wrists.

If you are having difficulties, ask for an assessment.

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