Purchasing disability equipment items privately

If you wish to purchase equipment privately, there are a number of local and national retailers who sell disability equipment. It can be purchased on the Internet and at a number of supermarkets, DIY and general retailers and pharmacies.  There are also specialist disability equipment companies, some of whom may offer home visits.

We would advise that for larger items you arrange to have the item demonstrated and trialled before you make a purchase.

The Health and Social Services Community Equipment Service cannot refund the cost of any items purchased privately.   


Mobility scooters

Please note that if you are considering the purchase of a mobility scooter, you will also need to consider how you will store and charge it before you make a purchase. We only provide ramps for wheelchairs that have been prescribed by health professionals and we don't provide storage and charging facilities for scooters.


Visit the NRS Healthcare websiteFor advice with what aids are available that may help you, including access to a free telephone consultation with a qualified Occupational Therapist, please contact NRS Healthcare.  NRS Healthcare are our supplier for our Powys Integrated Community Equipment Service.

Should you choose to purchase your own equipment, please note that other retailers are available.

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