​​​​​​​What if someone has memory problems but doesn't want help?

Sometimes, a person with memory problems will not want anyone else to be involved. This is partly to do with the dementia but also because many people are reluctant to seek help when they need it because they are too proud or don't like to 'make a fuss'. They may also be frightened and trying to avoid the problem.

There is no easy answer to this. Doctors can't help someone unless they agree to seek help. However, there is no reason why someone else should not seek advice from the GP or from Social Care Services.

Social Care Services have a duty in law to look into the needs of someone who 'may' need help whether they want it or not. That doesn't make the situation any easier but does mean that some support is available.

In extreme circumstances, if someone is putting themselves or others at risk of significant harm, then action that can be taken against their wishes. This is an absolute last resort where somebody is in danger.

As a carer of someone in need, whether or not their problem has been officially diagnosed, you can get help, information and support from your local Carers Service

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