What sort of help is available for HIV or Hepatitis?

Many people are misinformed about HIV and hepatitis, which causes fear and prejudice towards those who have them. Adult Social care work with the Local Health Board and the Terence Higgins Trust and our policy is that people with HIV or hepatitis B/C should get the same services as anyone else with a chronic condition or a life threatening illness.

The needs of people with HIV/hepatitis B/C and their carers vary considerably over time and several agencies may be involved in caring for them.

The Powys teaching Local Health Board supports people with HIV and/or hepatitis B/C and works with specialist services outside the county.

Initial testing and diagnosis may be in a variety of settings, such as a GP clinic. Treatment, care planning and monitoring is provided by District General Hospital specialist teams in Wales or England, with additional support from within Powys.

How do I get help?

Before we can support you, we will need to do an assessment. The assessment will look at your individual circumstances and whether you need:

  • information and advice
  • emotional support and counselling
  • practical support
  • personal care
  • advice on welfare, housing or employment
  • access to local services
  • support because of discrimination and abuse

A care manager will start the assessment within 5 days of referral and in most cases it will take 15 days to do. If your case is very complex, it may take longer.

To ask for an assessment please use the button below:

Ask for an assessment Make a Referral



  • Email: assist@powys.gov.uk
  • Phone: 0345 602 7050
  • Address: Powys County Hall, Spa Road East, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5LG


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