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Breaks for Carers

Find out how to take a break from caring, including arranging replacement care.

Being a carer can be emotionally and physically tiring. Many carers don't think enough about their wellbeing and may suffer from stress as a result.

Taking a break from caring is essential, even if it's only for a few hours.

How to spend your break

There are many ways you can take a break from caring, from a few hours to a few days, alone or with others. Only you will know what is best for you.

Some examples of breaks could include:

  • sitting in your garden or reading a book
  • going to the gym or going shopping for a day or afternoon
  • visiting friends or family overnight or for a weekend
  • taking part in group activities for carers.

There are many support organisations in Powys which provide activities or can organise breaks away for carers.

You can search for these services on our Dewis search engine.

For further information, advice and support on Carers breaks please visit Credu's webpage.

Help from your friends or family

Many carers find that a friend or family member may be able to provide care or support for a few hours or more, so that they can take a break.

If you have no one who can do this, you may still be able to take a break in other ways.

Arranging care and support yourself.

There are many options you can use should you need to take a break from caring. The type of option you consider may depend on the length of the break, and any replacement care or support that the person you care for will require in your absence.

In addition, to receiving help from friends or family, options for arranging short-term breaks include:

  • arranging for a home care agency to support the person you care for and keep them company.
  • organising for the person you care for to attend a day centre, activity group or club. This is usually during the day but can take place in the evening.
  • arranging for a personal assistant to support the person you care for.

Our partners at Credu can advise on respite & breaks, groups & trips, advocacy, the iCare card and support to access respite services.

However, you can also make requests for respite care via our ASSIST team on 0345 602 7050 or email:

Arranging a longer-term break:

If the person you care for requires care and support overnight, and you are planning to stay away for one or more nights, you may wish to consider the following options:

  • arranging live-in care from a home care agency to provide care 24 hours a day in the person's own home (the live-in carer will require a separate bedroom within the property)
  • arranging for a short-term placement in a care home should you need a longer break. This is sometimes referred to as "respite" care.