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Older Peoples Accommodation, Our vision for the future

We all want to stay in our own home, close to our family and friends and the communities we dearly love and cherish.

But how many of us plan for the future? How do we know what type of accommodation we will need if we become ill, injured or frail? Unable to work? What can we afford? And will we still be close to family and friends, able to be a valued member of a community?


These are many questions we should be asking ourselves, but many of us don't. It's not a priority given the day to day pressures of work and family life. We don't have a crystal ball that can see into the future, but it's up to us as individuals and collectively as families to start planning for our future needs as early as possible.

The council and its partners have a big part to play in our future planning by ensuring the right accommodation is available for our rapidly increasing number of older people in Powys. This is one of the biggest challenges facing commissioners and housing providers in the future.

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