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Radnorshire Museum Collections

Museum images

  • Archaeology

    A fine collection of items from pre-historic to medieval periods including the Llandrindod Wells Log Boat and Sheela na Gig, the Castell Collen collection.

  • Palaeontology

    An outstanding collection of Ordovician specimens from the Builth-Llandrindod Inlier.

  • Fine Art

    Featuring the work of Thomas Jones, J.M. Ince, William Stone, John Opie, Sir Alfred East, William Mills, Elizabeth and Bryan Organ, Catherine Lyons.

  • Natural History

    Preserved specimens of some of Radnorshire's natural inhabitants along with souvenirs of more exotic climes. An insight into the tastes and fashions of past times.

  • Military History

    Artefacts and information relating to the men and women of Radnorshire who served in two World Wars and material from Radnorshire's Home Front.

  • Social History

A rich and diverse collection including:

  • a large photographic collection,
  • items relating to Llandrindod's Spa heritage,
  • The Kilvert Society Collection relating to the famous Victorian diarist,
  • John Roberts' magnificent Welsh Triple Harp.


ArtUK aims to show the entire UK national collection of oil paintings, tell the stories behind the paintings, and let people know where to visit them. It is made up Image of Art UK - your paintingsof paintings from thousands of museums and other public institutions around the country.

Radnorshire has added images of its entire collection of 20 oil and acrylic paintings to the 'Your Paintings' website.  Our collection contains works by William Mills, John Opie and William Stone.

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