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Museums for schools

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Some museums have services for schools, using real and replica artefacts, authentic historical clothing and interesting activities to bring a topic to life for your pupils or students. Our outreach service can bring the museum experience to your school.  Most of our topics translate well to the classroom environment and we bring all the equipment, artefacts and other materials with us.



We are very happy to welcome school groups at the Museum free of charge. For schools who wish to avoid the cost and difficulty of arranging transport we have a wide variety of handling collections that your school can borrow. The charge for this service is £10 - please contact us for more details.

Please note that school visits are not facilitated by Museum staff.



School Service

From time to time, we offer workshops linked to temporary exhibitions, festivals and other events in Brecon; these are run in partnership with other local organisations at different venues and are advertised separately.


Facilitated sessions for primary schools

We offer a range of facilitated sessions linked to the National Curriculum for Wales and, where appropriate and possible, to the history of the local area.  The workshops include 'hands-on' activities and encourage children to think and find out for themselves.

Sessions are available throughout the year and are based on the resources and artefacts at the museum. If there is a topic we have not covered which interests you, please get in touch - we may be able to arrange a specially tailored session.

Sessions usually last for half a day (timings to suit you). For practical reasons, we prefer that group sizes be limited to one class, although for certain activities it may be possible to accommodate a larger number; please ask. All sessions can be adapted for KS2 (age 7-11) or EYFP (age 4-7) unless otherwise stated. All our activities are risk-assessed.  Please contact the Education Officer for a copy of the relevant risk assessment form if required.

For all outreach visits there is a standard charge of £65 per half day for the first booking by a school in a financial year; for second and subsequent bookings by the same school in the same financial year, there is a charge of £55 per half day. The charge for a half day visit to the Museum (up to 35 pupils) is £45. An additional small charge per head (50p - £2.50) for craft materials is also made if these are used.

To make a booking/discuss your requirements, please contact us.


The Victorians and 19th Century life

There is a class set of Victorian costumes for children to wear for any of the sessions listed.  A session on Victorian life can include either one or several elements of the following:

  • Victorian Washdays - Handling collection of original and replica artefacts.  Also suitable for EYFP topic work on water or homes in the past and for sequencing of events.
  • Victorian Toys, Games and Pastimes - Using a handling collection of replica toys. Children can have the opportunity to make some toys of their own and play Victorian parlour games. 
  • Victorian Homes - Using a handling collection of original and replica household items.  This session can include a chance to try some Victorian style food preparation and cooking.
  • Victorian Schooldays - Children can find out about the life of a Victorian school child and try some activities such as copperplate handwriting.  Handling collection of replica artefacts. 
  • Nineteenth Century Transport (KS2 only) - Using photographs, children find out about transport by road, rail and water.
  • The Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal (KS2 only) - Illustrated talk on the history of the Mon & Brec Canal and the types of people who worked on the Canal during the nineteenth century. Can include a 'walk and talk' along the Canal.


The Romans

We have a Roman boy's and a Roman girl's costume as well as a child-sized replica Roman soldier's armour and helmet that children may try on. 

Digging Up the Romans - Children learn how we find out about the past by looking at what people leave behind; how archaeologists identify sites to excavate and the methods they use to excavate and preserve a find.  Roman artefacts and replica handling collection used to explore life in Roman times.

Roman Food - Children discover what the Romans ate, how they farmed, and the foods they introduced to Britain. Handling collection of replica Roman pottery/tableware. This session can include tasting popular Roman foods.

Life as a Roman Soldier - Children can find out about the life of a Roman foot soldier in Wales, what he wore, how he lived and how he travelled. Replica Roman armour to try on.


Loan of resources

We have two resource loan boxes, one themed for the Second World War and the other for the Tudors (contents lists can be downloaded below) which can be borrowed by schools for up to half a term at a cost of £10 if collected and returned or £20 if delivered and collected by Museum staff:

We also have 2 activity packs which can be borrowed free of charge provided schools collect and return:

1960s. A quiz activity resource linked to the 1960s which enables children to look at everyday life through local newspaper reports, adverts, photographs, etc. Suitable for Years 5/6.

Changes in Brecon.  A quiz trail resource using packs of old photographs of Brecon (laminated).  Designed to be used on a walk around the town to see how it has changed over the last 100-150 years. Takes approximately one hour in small groups. Suitable for KS2.

We may also be able to loan replica items from our other education resources for short periods for a small charge; please ask.


Victor Jones History Project Competition for Year 6 Pupils

The Victor Jones History Project Competition for Year 6 Pupils takes place annually and is organised jointly by Brecknock Museum and the Brecknock Society & Museum Friends. 

The competition is open to all Year 6 aged (10-11 years) children in Breconshire.  The aim of the competition is to encourage young people to take an interest in local history and to further develop the link between primary schools and Brecknock Museum. 

Whilst entries should be about the history of Breconshire, children are free to choose a subject from any period from the Roman occupation of Wales to the present day; their work is judged on content, originality and presentation.


Masterpieces in Schools

In October 2013, staff from Brecknock Museum took the oil painting 'Welsh Mountains' by Welsh artist Augustus John (1878-1961) to Ysgol Rhys Prichard in Llandovery. 

The event was part of 'Your Paintings: Masterpieces in Schools', a project developed by the Public Catalogue Foundation (PCF) in partnership with BBC Learning which ran throughout October.  Brecknock Museum was one of just 26 institutions around the UK who offered to loan a masterpiece to a nearby primary or secondary school for the day.  Each of the schools had the opportunity to use the painting as inspiration for creative learning across as many subject areas of the curriculum as possible. 



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