Planning and Review Arrangements for Older People

We invited attendees from Oxford Brookes, Powys teaching Health Board, neighbouring councils, members and practitioners from across Wales to a seminar to review the Welsh Government guidance for the 'Integrated Assessment, Planning and Review Arrangements for Older People' and how it could be implemented by local authorities.


Making a difference to older people's lives

The guidance sets out the responsibilities and duties of health and social care services to provide integrated arrangements for assessment and care management for older people.

It will also simplify the assessment process to minimise administrative burdens, and improve services across Wales.

There were over 100 people in attendance which presented a fantastic opportunity to discuss the future of Adult Social Care across Powys and Wales.


Quotes from the day

"This event has really shifted my way of thinking about how I practice and work with clients.  I feel empowered to work alongside my clients to find out what is really important to them.  It is a challenge to implement this but I feel very positive"

"I am already thinking about working differently"

"I found it very good to be able to reflect on how I act/work now as a professional and how Integrated Assessment will help/improve my work for Service users"

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