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Acceptable Use Policy for Wi-Fi users

All Internet use is logged. Your use of the internet may be monitored for any activity in contravention of this agreement. These details will be held within our system and may be passed on to the Police for the purpose of tracing any illegal activity.

Do not share your login details with other users. You will be held responsible for all activities carried out while logged in with your username & password.

Please note that it is not possible to print via the Wi-Fi service.

You are responsible for the security, configuration, virus protection and use of your own equipment.

• Please be aware that the Powys Wi-Fi connection is not secured, and it is possible for someone with specialist software to monitor and record information that you send over the internet eg credit card details. For further information about online security, go to

• Powys County Council cannot be held responsible for the privacy or security of your activities. We cannot be held responsible for any losses resulting from sending confidential information via the Internet nor from the non-availability of web sites for any reason

• Please do not leave your wireless device unattended at any time.

The following activities are prohibited:-

• Obtaining, displaying or distributing material which could be considered obscene, offensive or abusive.

• Distribution of unsolicited advertising

• Downloading copyright protected material, including copy protected music or video files, without the necessary permission

• Attempting to make unauthorised access to other computers or networks


In addition, users must not behave in a manner that disrupts other users of Council Services. In particular:

• Users should not play sound on computers or other devices at a volume that is audible to other users


Penalties for misuse

• Powys County Council reserves the right to terminate sessions and refuse further network access to any individual contravening this agreement.

• Staff on site will determine whether any computer activity is unacceptable and this determination will be subject to confirmation by a senior officer of the service.

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