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Displays and Exhibitions Policy



The role of the Library, Information and Archives Service is "to provide equal and unbiased access to knowledge, information and ideas for all the people of Powys".

Libraries in the County provide quality resources and services that meet residents' needs for education, culture and leisure. Libraries will provide space for exhibitions and for notices, posters and leaflets which support this purpose.

The Library Service supports the principle of intellectual freedom and values the free sharing and expression of ideas and information.


Exhibitions, Notices, Posters and Leaflets

Notice boards are provided at all service points for individuals and groups to promote their activities and/or express their opinions to members of the community. Most libraries also provide space for displays, depending on accommodation. Occasionally, there may be times when notices or displays will not be accepted because of space restrictions. More generally, the following conditions apply:

Notices, posters and displays should be of an acceptable standard of production and have clear contact details for the group or organiser concerned;

Material is displayed on the understanding that Powys County Council does not endorse, promote or recommend any event, viewpoint, service or organisation which is being advertised;

Notices, posters and exhibitions are only displayed with the permission of the librarian. All material must be submitted to the librarian-in-charge, notices put up without permission will be removed.

The exhibitor is responsible for insuring their own exhibits - the library service cannot take responsibility for loss or damage to items.

Owing to space restrictions it may be necessary to limit the time and space available for display;

The Library service reserves the right to refuse material that:

  • Promotes a particular political party;
  • Promotes a particular religious viewpoint;
  • Relates to fundraising campaigns;
  • Relates to money or financial services;
  • Advertises commercial services;
  • Are personal advertisements;
  • Advertise jobs (except for Powys County Council appointments)
  • Are illegal or offensive to public taste.

Where appropriate, the Library will display a disclaimer to make clear that the views expressed are not those of the Library nor of Powys County Council.

The Library service is unable to accept raffle tickets, petitions or collection boxes of any kind.

NB: In accordance with Powys County Council's Corporate Asset Policy (Version 2.1.12 - December 2013 - p32, point 2.7)  

"As a national day of remembrance, Powys County Council supports Remembrance Day within the organisation and therefore, the sale of goods related to this event are permitted".

This will apply to all public facing Powys County Council buildings including all public libraries.

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