Millions still unclear about what they sign up for

Image of someone paying with a card
27th November 2017 

Image of someone paying with a cardHave you or anyone you know ever been locked into a subscription for an offering you didn't sign up for? You are not alone.

An estimated two million people across the UK still experience issues cancelling recurring payments for subscriptions without their apparent authorisation.

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) today released, as part of the annual National Consumer Week and conjunction with the Consumer Protection Partnership (CPP), two video animation guides for consumers, businesses and financial institutions on subscription issues.

The first animation is aimed at businesses who offer subscriptions to their customers. Whether selling gym memberships, health or beauty products, streaming services or periodic subscriptions, all businesses must follow a strict set of laws designed to protect consumers from unfair practices.

The second animation gives practical advice for consumers to make them think before they sign and not be tempted by free trial offers. If consumers find themselves caught in a trap then banks need to be aware of their responsibilities to customers struggling with subscription issues.

The animations highlight important issues faced by UK consumers and provides advice on legal obligations to businesses. The videos are produced alongside Business Companion, and discuss subscription periods, renewal schedules and total monthly costs, as well as continued payment authorities. Business Companion is a free government backed business advice website, offering important, up-to-date consumer law information accessible to all. For more business-facing advice, visit

Cllr Jonathan Wilkinson, Powys County Council's Cabinet Member for Trading Standards, said: "Our trading standards teams are keen to help banks and financial institutions ensure their customers are protected from subscriptions issues.

"Continued payment authorities can cause serious debt problems for consumers when left unmonitored, and we hope businesses ensure their terms and conditions are clear and transparent."

CTSI Chief Executive, Leon Livermore, is a strong supporter of National Consumer Week. He said: "Raising awareness of the issues facing consumers is key to tackling consumer detriment. National Consumer Week offers trading standards the chance to actively engage with consumers on a local and national level, on the big issues that can affect millions."

National Consumer Week is an annual consumer education campaign coordinated by Citizens Advice and other members of the CPP, with this year's campaign focusing on subscription issues and subscription traps.

Subscription issues can include signing up for a fixed term deal, trial, or promotion where it is unclear that the consumer will be auto-enrolled into ongoing payments.

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