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Powys named top recycling carbon-saving council

recycling lorry
28th November 2017 

recycling lorryPowys County Council is the leading recycling carbon-saving council in all of England, Northern Ireland and Wales, according to figures published this month

The council has topped Eunomia's Local Authority Recycling Carbon Index, achieving a carbon saving of 130kg per person in 2015/16.

Eunomia's index calculates the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are prevented as a result of local residents' recycling efforts.  Recycling saves greenhouse gas emissions because it avoids waste being sent to rot in landfill or burned in an incinerator - and because it reduces the need for energy-intensive extraction of raw materials.

The council also showed the biggest year-on-year improvement, according to the index, jumping from 103kg of carbon saved per person in 2014/15 to 130kg in the last financial year.

Cllr Phyl Davies, Cabinet Member for Waste and Recycling, said: "To be the leading recycling carbon-saving council in all of England, Northern Ireland and Wales is a great achievement. I would like to thank our residents for helping us get to this top spot, we couldn't have done it without them.

"By recycling more items, the amount of carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced.

"Eunomia specifically noted that the move to three-weekly residual collections in late 2015 has made a significant impact and helped us reach the top of this index. In 2015/16, an extra 10kg of plastic and an extra 5kg of metal was collected per person, resulting in a total saving of 130kg of carbon saved per person.

"However, we know that we can recycle more. A Welsh Government waste composition analysis showed that one third of waste in the black wheeled bin could be recycled.

"If householders recycle everything that they can by using their recycling boxes and food caddy, then they are reducing the amount of waste they are putting in their wheeled bin.  By doing this, not only are householders helping us meet Welsh Government recycling targets but they are also helping our environment."

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