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County Councils Archives Records

County CouncilCounty Councils were established by the Local Government Act 1888, taking on many of the administrative functions of the Quarter Sessions. The three counties of Brecknockshire, Montgomeryshire and Radnorshire were combined to form the new county of Powys following the local government reorganisation of 1974.


Certain County Council records, such as staff records, or registers of children's homes or public assistance institutions may be subject to restricted access. Please contact Powys Archives for more details.


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Committee Minutes (Ref: B/C) [503KB]



Architects (Ref: B/C/A) [8KB]

Civil Defence (Ref: B/C/CD) [75KB]

Clerks* (Ref: B/C/C) [67KB]  Clerks Department - find 

Education (Ref: B/C/E) [18KB]

Health (Ref: B/C/H) [9KB]

Highways (Ref: B/C/HT) [29KB]

Land Agent (Ref: B/C/LA) [19KB]

Libraries (Ref: B/C/LM) [20KB]

Motor Taxation (Ref: B/C/MT) [45KB]

National Park (Ref: B/C/NP) [13KB]

Planning (Ref: B/C/P) [37KB]

Public Assistance (Ref: B/C/PA) [13KB]

Surveyor (Ref: B/C/SU) [19KB]

Treasurers (Ref: B/C/T) [9KB]

Welfare (Ref: B/C/W) [8KB]




Full Council minutes and associated records (Ref: M/C full council) [14KB]

Full Council minutes and associated records (Ref: M/C full council) [128KB]



Architects (Ref: M/C/A) [28KB]

Clerks (Ref: M/C/C) [40KB]

Civil Defence (Ref: M/C/CD) [7KB]

Education (Ref: M/C/E) [47KB]

Highways (Ref: M/C/H) [11KB]

Library Service (Ref: M/C/LM) [6KB]

Motor Taxation (Ref: M/C/MT) [26KB]

Planning (Ref: M/C/P) [12KB]

Public Assistance (Ref: M/C/PA) [33KB]

Treasurer's (Ref: M/C/T) [14KB]

Welfare (Ref: M/C/W) [6KB]




Committees (ref: R/C) [21KB]



Architects (Ref: R/C/A) [27KB]

Clerks (Ref: R/C/C) [53KB]

Civil Defence (Ref: R/C/CD) [7KB]

Education (Ref: R/C/E) [35KB]

Health (Ref: R/C/H) [6KB]

Highways and Transportation (Ref: R/C/HT) [19KB]

Land Agent (Ref: R/C/LA) [13KB]

Motor Taxation (Ref: R/C/MT) [34KB]

Planning (Ref: R/C/P) [31KB]

Public Assistance (Ref: R/C/PA) [15KB]

Social Services (Ref: R/C/SS) [6KB]

County Surveyor (Ref: R/C/SU) [6KB]

Treasurer's Department (Ref: R/C/T) [9KB]

Welfare (Ref: R/C/W) [20KB]

Miscellaneous records (Ref: R/C/X) [7KB]


Powys County Council

Committee Minutes

Agendas and Committee Minutes (Ref: P/C/C) [35KB]



The records listed as departmental records below were transferred to Powys Archives mainly prior to 1996.  In 1996 Powys County Council set up a Modern Records facility (now Information Management) to house its own records, and the vast majority of Council records are currently stored there.  To access the Powys County Council records which are stored in Information Management, you will need to contact the relevant department as it exists  today.

The records listed below are recorded by department as they existed at the time and only represent a tiny fraction of the records that exist for Powys County Council.

Architects Department (Ref: P/CD/A) [194KB]

Emergency Planning (Ref: P/CD/CD) [37KB]

Chief Executive (Ref: P/CD/CE). [39KB]  - The records from the Chief Executive's department also includes vaccination registers for Llanfyllin Union and Llanrhaeadr District 1873-1919.  Catalogue not yet available in electronic format - contact Powys Archives for more details.

Education (Ref: B/C/E) [12KB]

Highways: Historic Bridges (Ref: P/CD/H) [28KB]

Health (Ref: P/CD/HE) [5KB]

Libraries (Ref: P/CD/L) [10KB]

Land Agent (Ref: P/CD/LA) [12KB]

Planning (Ref: P/CD/PL) [406KB]

Solicitors (Ref: P/CD/SOL) [51KB]

Social Services (Ref: P/CD/SS) [12KB]

Technical and Local Services (Ref: P/CD/TLS) [15KB]

Treasurer (Ref: P/CD/TP) [168KB]

Theatr Powys (Ref: P/CD/TP) [168KB]

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