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Trade and other Directories Records

Trade directories originated in the C17 to provide addresses for merchants and businessmen. By the C19 they were used by the Post Office to give correct addresses of principal citizens in towns and  villages.

The following directories are held at Area Libraries and at the County Archives Office. Because they list tradesmen and services as well as names of individuals they are of great value to the genealogist and the local historian. Many of these directories were printed by private firms, such as Kelly's, and included information on the towns and villages they covered.


Abbreviations: CAO = County Archives Office, BR = Brecon Area Library, LLW = Llandrindod Wells Area Library; NEW = Newtown Area Library. Coverage: B = Breconshire; M = Montgomeryshire; R = Radnorshire.


DateTitle of DirectoryCoverageLocationNotes
1791Universal British Directory (UK)B (BR)CAOFacsimile (extracts)
1798Universal British Directory (UK)B, M, RLLWFacsimile
1822Pigot & Co's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche
1825Pigot & Co's (Wales)B, RCAOFacsimile (circa 1825)
1828Pigot & Co's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche
1828Pigot & Co's (Wales)M (WEL)CAOFacsimile
1829Pigot & Co's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWOriginal (NEW) & Facsimile
1829Pigot & Co's (Wales)B, M, RBROriginal
1830Pigot & Co's (North Wales)MCAOFiche
1830Pigot & Co's (South Wales)B, RCAOFiche
1831Boundary CommissionRCAOFacsimile (extracts)
1835Pigot & Co's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche
1835Pigot & Co's (Wales)B, M, RCAO, NEWOriginal
1840Robson's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche
1844Slater's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche (late Pigot & Co)
1849Hunt & Co's (Gloucester)B (BR & CR)CAOFacsimile (extracts)
1850Slater's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche (late Pigot & Co)
1856Slater's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche (late Pigot & Co)
1858Slater's (Wales)B, M, RCAOFacsimile (late Pigot & Co)
1859J. Jones (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche (Wrexham only)
1863County DirectoryRCAOFacsimile (extracts)
1868Slater's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche (late Pigot & Co)
1871Return of landownersB, M, RCAOFacsimile (From 1871 Census)
1871Return of landownersMNEWFacsimile
1874Worrall's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche
1876Cassey's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche
1881Almanac CaergybiM (MAC)CAO, NEWFacsimile
1881Crocker's (Wrexham area)MCAO, NEWFiche
1882Almanac CaergybiM (MAC)CAO, NEWFacsimile (extracts)
1883Almanac CaergybiM (MAC)NEWOriginal
1883Slater's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche (late Pigot & Co)
1884Almanac CaergybiM (MAC)CAO, NEWOriginal (NEW) & Facsimile (extracts)
1886Porter's (Flints & Denbs)MCAO, NEWFiche
1889Sutton's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche
1889Sutton's (North Wales)MCAOFacsimile
1890Shropshire & N. Wales AlmanacMCAOFacsimile
1890Shropshire & N. Wales AlmanacMNEWOriginal & copy
1891Kelly's (South Wales)B, RBREOriginal
1891Llandrindod Wells GuideR (LLW)CAOFacsimile
1894Park Penny GuideMNEWOriginal
1895Bennett's (Wales)B, M, RCAOFacsimile
1895Bennett's (North Wales)MNEWFacsimile (extracts)
1895Bennett's (South Wales)B,MCAOOriginal
1895Kelly's (Wales)B, M, RLLWOriginal
1895Kelly's (Wales)B, RCAOFacsimile
1895Slater's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche (late Pigot & Co)
1896Llandrindod Wells Illus. GuideR (LLW)CAOFacsimile (pub. Bufton)
1897Park Penny GuideM (MON)NEWOriginal (Montgomery & district)
1901Kelly's (Wales)B, M, RLLWOriginal
1902Debrett's (UK)B, M, RLLWOriginal
1904Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)CAOFacsimile
1904Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)NEWOriginal & Copy
1905Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)CAOFacsimile (extracts)
1905Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)NEWOriginal & Copy
1906Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)NEWOriginal
1906Kelly's (Wales)B, M, RLLWOriginal
1906Kelly's (Wales)B, RCAOFacsimile (extracts)
1907Post Office Telephone DirectoryB, M, RCAOFacsimile (extracts)
1907Post Office Telephone DirectoryMNEWFacsimile (extracts)
1908Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)CAOFacsimile (extracts)
1908Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)NEWOriginal & Copy
1909Bishop's Powysland AlmanackMNEWOriginal
1909Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)CAOFacsimile (extracts)
1909Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)NEWOriginal & Copy
1910Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)CAOFacsimile (extracts)
1910Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)NEWOriginal & Copy
1911Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)CAOFacsimile (extracts)
1911Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)NEWOriginal & Copy
1912Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)CAOFacsimile extracts)
1912Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)NEWOriginal & Copy
1913Bennett's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche
1914Burke's (UK)B, M, RLLWOriginal
1914Kelly's (South Wales)B, RBREOriginal: Brecon entry missing
1914Llanidloes Almanack &c.M (LLI)NEWOriginal
1914Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)CAOFacsimile (extracts)
1914Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)NEWOriginal & Copy
1915Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)CAOFacsimile (extracts)
1915Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)NEWOriginal & Copy
1916Llandrindod Wells GuideR (LLW)CAOFacsimile
1917Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)CAOFacsimile
1917Payne's Welshpool AlmanackM (WEL)NEWOriginal & Copy
1922Bennett's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche
1926Kelly's (South Wales)B, RBREOriginal
1926Kelly's (South Wales)B, RCAOOriginal
1926Kelly's (Wales)B, M, RLLWOriginal
1932Cope's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche
1936Bennett's (North Wales)MCAO, NEWFiche
1936Wales Trades DirectoryB, M, RCAOOriginal
1936Wales Trades DirectoryMNEWFacsimile
1948Crockford's Clerical (UK)B, M, RLLWOriginal
1952Burke's (UK)B, M, RLLWOriginal
1968Debrett's (UK)B, M, RLLWOriginal
1986Crockford's Clerical (UK)B, M, RLLWOriginal

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