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Breconshire County Council Archives Records

Certain County Council records, such as staff records, or registers of children's homes or public assistance institutions may be subject to restricted access. Please contact Powys Archives for more details.


Committee Minutes (Ref: B/C) [503KB]

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Architects (Ref: B/C/A) [8KB]

Civil Defence (Ref: B/C/CD) [75KB]

Clerks* (Ref: B/C/C) [67KB]

Education (Ref: B/C/E) [18KB]

Health (Ref: B/C/H) [9KB]

Highways (Ref: B/C/HT) [29KB]

Land Agent (Ref: B/C/LA) [19KB]

Libraries (Ref: B/C/LM) [20KB]

Motor Taxation (Ref: B/C/MT) [45KB]

National Park (Ref: B/C/NP) [13KB]

Planning (Ref: B/C/P) [37KB]

Public Assistance (Ref: B/C/PA) [13KB]

Surveyor (Ref: B/C/SU) [19KB]

Treasurers (Ref: B/C/T) [9KB]

Welfare (Ref: B/C/W) [8KB]

* Clerks Deparment - click the 'Powys' tab above to see also P/CD/SOL Powys County Council, Solicitors Department: Mortgage documents 1870-1939

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