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Radnorshire Societies and Organisations Records

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Radnorshire Nursing Association (Ref: R/SOC/1) [6KB]

The Welsh Agricultural Society (Ref: R/SOC/3) [15KB]

The Radnorshire Society (Ref: R/SOC/4) [29KB]

Llandrindod Wells Golf Club Ltd (Ref: R/SOC/5) [39KB]

Radnor Battery Association (Ref: R/SOC/7) [16KB]

Newbridge on Wye Elderly Club (Ref: R/SOC/8) [14KB]

Royal British Legion: Rhayader Branch (Ref: R/SOC/9) [14KB]

Llandrindod Wells Sequence Dancing Club (Ref: R/SOC/10) [12KB]

Llandrindod Wells Sequence Dancing Club (Ref: R/SOC/10) [12KB]

Nantmel and Llanwrthwl District Nursing Association (Ref: R/SOC/11) [13KB]

Llandrindod Wells Football Club (Ref: R/SOC/12) [12KB]

Llandrindod Wells High School Parent Teacher Association (Ref: R/SOC/14) [13KB]

Llanyre Millennium Committee (Ref: R/SOC/15) [15KB]

Girl Guiding, Radnorshire (Ref: R/SOC/16) [51KB]

Radnor Young Farmers' Clubs (Ref: R/SOC/17) [16KB]

Civil Service Pensionsers' Alliance, Radnorshire Group (Ref: R/SOC/18) [14KB]

Rhayader Luncheon Club (Ref: R/SOC/22) [8KB]

Royal British Legion: Crossgates & District Branch (Ref: R/SOC/24) [6KB]

Radnorshire Primary Schools Athletic Association (Ref: R/SOC/25) [8KB]

Old Radnor Millennium Group (Ref: R/SOC/26) [8KB]

Rotary Club of Llandrindod Wells (Ref: R/SOC/27) [11KB]

Radnorshire Baptist Choral Festival Committee (Ref: R/SOC/28) [6KB]

Llandrindod Wells Probus Club (Ref: R/SOC/29) [6KB]

Women's Institute: Bryn-gwyn and Newchurch (Ref: R/D/WI/1) [6KB]

Women's Institute: Grosvenor (Llandrindod Wells) (Ref: R/D/WI/2) [7KB]

Women's Institute: Radnor Federation of Women's Institutes (Ref: R/D/WI/3) [17KB]

Women's Institute: Clyro (Ref: R/D/WI/4) [6KB]

Women's Institute: Llanelwedd (Ref: R/D/WI/5) [8KB]

Women's Institute: Tremont (Ref: R/D/WI/6) [6KB]

Women's Institute: Radnor Federation additional (Ref: R/D/WI/7) [22KB]

Women's Institute: Newbridge on Wye (Ref: R/D/WI/8) [6KB]

Women's Institute: Newbridge on Wye (Ref: R/D/WI/8) [6KB]

Women's Institute: Llanddewi Ystradenni (Ref: R/D/WI/9) [18KB]

Women's Institute: Felindre (Ref: R/D/WI/10) [9KB]

Women's Institute: Llanbadarn Fynydd (Ref: R/D/WI/12) [8KB]

Women's Institute: Presteigne (Ref: R/D/WI/13) [6KB]

Women's Institute: Aberedw (Ref: R/D/WI/14) [6KB]

Women's Institute: Whitton (Ref: R/D/WI/15) [5KB]

Women's Institute: Gladestry (Ref: R/D/WI/16) [5KB]

Women's Institute: Kinnerton (Ref: R/D/WI/17) [5KB]

Women's Institute: Llanbister (Ref: R/D/WI/18) [5KB]

Women's Institute: New Radnor (Ref: R/D/WI/19) [5KB]

Women's Institute: Penybont (Ref: R/D/WI/20) [8KB]

Women's Institute: Tref-y-Clawdd (Ref: R/D/WI/21) [6KB]

Women's Institute: Crossgates (Ref: R/D/WI/22) [5KB]

Women's Institute: Evancoed/Evancoyd (Ref: R/D/WI/23) [6KB]

Women's Institute: Rhayader (Ref: R/D/WI/24) [10KB]


See additional Radnorshire WI material in R/D/LBY; Rhayader Ladies' Choir in R/DX/60


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