Montgomeryshire Minor Deposits Records


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The most notable collections are listed below. 

Documents from Messrs. Sprott, Stokes and Turnbull, solicitors, of Shrewsbury, relating to various parishes, 19th cent (Ref: M/DX/4) [20KB]

Documents from Messrs. J. and A. Davies, solicitors, of Llanidloes, 1909-1910 (Ref: M/DX/7) [13KB]

Deeds relating mainly to Burgedin, Guilsfield parish, and enclosures 1712-1859 (Ref: M/DX/14) [173KB]

Deeds and papers relating to property in the parishes of Llandinam and Llangurig, and to the Meares family 1668-1872 (Ref: M/DX/16) [54KB]

Llwydiarth Women's Institute (Ref: M/DX/28) [17KB]

Llandinam Estate accounts 1891-1944 (Ref: M/DX/26) [16KB]

Meifod and District Literary and Debating Society 1925-40 (Ref: M/DX/28) [17KB]

Papers of the Woosnam family and estate in the counties of Montgomeryshire and Brecknockshire, 18th - 19th cents (Ref: M/D/X/36) [221KB]

Newtown Oddfellows (Ref: M/DX/37) [12KB]

Deeds and papers of the Davies family of Trewylan, Llansanffraid-ym-Mechain, 1610-1933 (Ref: M/DX/40) [199KB]

Llanbryn-mair parish records 1839-42, 1895-1953 (Ref: M/DX/41) [12KB]

Trefeglwys Young Farmers (Ref: M/DX/48) [15KB]

Montgomery parish records (Ref: M/DX/49) [58KB]

Sir Pryce Pryce-Jones (Ref: M/DX/80) [4KB]


Catalogues for most collections in the M/DX series appear below.
M/DX/1 [17KB] M/DX/2 [114KB]
M/DX/3 [12KB] M/DX/5 [15KB]
M/DX/6 [12KB] M/DX/8 [12KB]
M/DX/9 [16KB] M/DX/10 [12KB]
M/DX/11 [13KB] M/DX/12 [13KB]
M/DX/13 [11KB] M/DX/15 [19KB]
M/DX/18 [34KB] M/DX/19 [12KB]
M/DX/20 [19KB] B/DX/23 [11KB]
M/DX/24 [12KB] M/DX/25 [13KB]
M/DX/27 [14KB] M/DX/30 [12KB]
M/DX/31 [13KB] M/DX/32 [26KB]
M/DX/33 [54KB] M/DX/34 [13KB]
M/DX/38 [12KB] M/DX/39 [14KB]
M/DX/42 [12KB] M/DX/43 [12KB]
M/DX/44 [12KB] M/DX/45 [12KB]
M/DX/46 [13KB] M/DX/47 [33KB]
M/DX/51 [11KB] M/DX/53 [12KB]
M/DX/55 [11KB] M/DX/57 [13KB]
M/DX/61 [11KB] M/DX/62 [11KB]


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