Radnorshire Minor Deposits Records


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The most notable collections are listed below. 

Deeds relating to Workhouse property, Knighton 1822-1930 (Ref: R/DX/4) [31KB]

Deeds relating to property in Old Radnor 1642-1735 (Ref: R/DX/17) [25KB]

Knighton parish records, including settlement, 1666-1830 (R/DX/23) [37KB]

H. Wellings-Thomas Papers relating to property in Diserth 1683-95 and 1708-14, including the Maesgwyn Estate 1799-1884 (Ref: R/DX/27) [25KB]

Deeds re. Bailey Einon, Llandrindod parish 1550-1884 (Ref: R/DX/28) [78KB]

Tithe maps for Boughrood and Llowes (Ref: R/DX/34) [13KB]

Papers of John Stratton (Ref: R/DX/41) [16KB]

Elan Valley, applications for employment, accident reports (Ref: R/DX/47) [15KB]

Glasbury vestry minutes, Pipton parish council minutes, Tregoyd and Velindre parish council minutes (Ref: R/DX/52) [13KB]

WW2 letters from N L (Louis) Millward, aboard HMS Alaunia (Ref: R/DX/55) [200KB]

Rhayader Ladies' Choir (Ref: R/DX/60) [14KB]

Elan Estate terrier maps (Ref: R/DX/63) [12KB]

Diaries of Miss Eva Coates of Llandrindod Wells (Ref: R/DX/65) [9KB]



Catalogues for most collections in the R/DX series appear below.
R/DX/1 [14KB] R/DX/2 [29KB]
R/DX/3 [16KB] R/DX/5 [11KB]
R/DX/6 [13KB] R/DX/7 [14KB]
R/DX/8 [11KB] R/DX/9 [15KB]
R/DX/10 [31KB] R/DX/11 [16KB]
R/DX/12 [19KB] R/DX/13 [13KB]
R/DX/14 [18KB] R/DX/15 [16KB]
R/DX/16 [24KB] R/DX/18 [13KB]
R/DX/19 [13KB] R/DX/20 [31KB]
R/DX/21 [23KB] R/DX/24 [41KB]
R/DX/25 [14KB] R/DX/26 [14KB]
R/DX/29 [78KB] R/DX/30 [12KB]
R/DX/31 [11KB] R/DX/32 [29KB]
R/DX/33 [13KB] R/DX/35 [13KB]
R/DX/36 [13KB] R/DX/37 [25KB]
R/DX/38 [12KB] R/DX/39 [25KB]
R/DX/40 [11KB] R/DX/43 [13KB]
R/DX/44 [11KB] R/DX/45 [13KB]
R/DX/46 [11KB] R/DX/48 [12KB]
R/DX/50 [11KB] R/DX/51 [37KB]
R/DX/54 [16KB] R/DX/57 [12KB]
R/DX/58 [12KB] R/DX/59 [13KB]
R/DX/70 [9KB]  



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