Maps: Tithe

The CAO has obtained photocopies of all the tithe maps and schedules for Powys (c1830s-1840s) from the National Library of Wales.  Nearly every parish in Powys has a tithe map and apportionment drawn up under the Tithe Commission  Act of 1836, the purpose of which was to convert yearly tithes paid in kind to the vicar or rector into monetary amounts. 

The tithe maps and apportionments can provide names of owners and occupiers, the name of the property (if any), the amount of the tithe payable, acreages, and sometimes land use (pasture, arable, meadow, etc.) and field names.  However properties which did not pay tithes will be omitted, and in some cases a tithe map will not exist because the tithes had already been commuted to fixed money payments before the 1836 Act.

Our holdings of copies of tithe maps can be viewed as P/X/9

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