Maps: Finance Act 1910

When David Lloyd George proposed to introduce a Land Tax in 1910, the second edition 25" scale maps were used to compile registers of land ownership. 

Although the tax was not implemented the paperwork was completed and the resulting "Doomsday Books" reveal the names of:

  • landowners,
  • property owners,
  • occupiers.

The book also reveals the acreages and details used for the assessment of tax. 


The CAO has the marked-up OS 25" scale maps, but the map series is incomplete.  All the maps for Breconshire  have been lost, and there are gaps in the series for Radnorshire and Montgomeryshire, but the land valuation registers for all three counties survive at the CAO.  Some of the gaps in Radnorshire can be filled by the 6" scale maps. 

A full set of the 25" maps and the master series of Finance Act books are held at the Public Record Office, Kew.

Our holdings of Finance Act registers can be viewed here.

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