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Archives Searchroom guidelines

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our archive office, and that your research is rewarding.  In order that the archives can be preserved for future researchers, there are a few procedures with which we would be grateful if you would follow:

  • Please do not bring food or drink into the searchroom.  
  • Please use the hooks provided to hang your coat. Your bag will be locked away securely, once you have removed anything you need.
  • Please use pencils only in the searchroom - it is not possible to remove ink from original documents without damaging them.
  • Microfilm, microfiche, Local Studies books and the catalogues can all be consulted on a self-service basis.
  • When you have identified a record in the catalogue which you wish to consult, please fill in a request slip and hand it to the searchroom assistant.  You may have a maximum of 4 documents at one time.
  • Regrettably, some documents are in such poor condition that it may not be possible to produce them.
  • We do our best to produce documents as quickly as possible, but there are inevitable delays, especially when the searchroom is busy.  Please do not attempt to follow staff into the strong rooms.
  • Staff will advise about the use of weights or snakes for holding open documents, pillows for supporting volumes, and plastic sheets for maps.
  • Please take great care when handling documents, especially those that are folded or have seals.
  • If documents are heavily soiled, cotton gloves can be provided.
  • Please keep loose pages in the order they are when presented to you.
  • A copy of our photocopying policy is on the notice board; it may be possible  for you to photograph or trace certain items, if we do not photocopy them.
  • Laptop computers and digital cameras can be used in our searchroom, but please ask staff before use. If you wish to take photographs of documents in our searchroom you will be required to purchase a photography permit.
  • Please do not remove anything from the searchroom except your belongings, and any photocopies you may have purchased.

To save time, forms for photography and permission to reproduce documents can be downloaded and filled in prior to your visit.

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