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Letters to be sent out to households about bin collection day changes

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6th February 2018 

recycling lorryHouseholds across the county will be receiving a letter next week informing them of changes to their bin collection days, Powys County Council has announced.

Bin collection days for many households in the county will change from Monday, February 26 and a letter about the changes will start to be delivered from Thursday, February 15.

The letter will inform households of their new collection day and will also provide a list of upcoming dates for non-recyclable waste. An updated guide to recycling in Powys will also be included along with the letter.

The changes are taking place after the council improved the waste and recycling collection rounds to make them more efficient. The new rounds will help the council reduce the cost of providing these services to residents.

Only the day of collection is changing with the council continuing to collect recycling and food waste on a weekly basis and non-recyclable waste every three weeks.  Households will still need to put their waste and recycling out by at 7.30am on their collection day even if the day doesn't change, as the time of collection is likely to be different to the previous rounds.

Cllr Phyl Davies, Cabinet Member for Waste and Recycling, said: "Given the numerous service changes that have occurred since the existing rounds were rolled out, they are not as efficient as they could be.

"A lot of work has been carried out to ensure that our new waste and recycling rounds are as efficient as they could be but this does mean that many households will see a change in their collection day.

"I'd encourage households to read their letter carefully so they know which day to put their bins out. Our guide will also help households recycle as much of their household waste as possible."

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