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Planning and development (wildlife)

wildlife planning
wildlife planning

It's important to think about the impact that development can have on local wildlife. If there are protected species on or near a development site, measures can be put in place to safeguard them while work is carried out. 

Many developments may be able to go ahead as planned; in other cases some changes will need be made to protect the wildlife on site.

Local planning authorities are required to consider any impact on wildlife when making a decision on an application. Incorporating features that protect and enhance wildlife and biodiversity at an early stage in a project, preferably before a planning application is submitted, often saves time and money. Information on species and habitats recorded in Powys, including protected species and sites, is available from the county's local biological record centre.

If you are concerned about a biodiversity issue related to listed building consent, planning applications, planning decisions or enforcement of planning conditions please contact Planning and Building Control.

National wildlife guidance related to planning can be found here:

Technical Advice Note 5: Nature Conservation & Planning

Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation Wales Guidance

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