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Powys receives accolade for topping carbon-recycling league for whole of England, NI and Wales

Image of the recycling award presentation
23rd February 2018 

Image of the recycling award presentationPowys County Council has received a prestigious award for after becoming the leading carbon-saving council in all of England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The council received the Local Authority Recycling Carbon Index Trophy from Eunomia yesterday (Thursday, February 22) after it topped the carbon index league for achieving a carbon saving of 130kg per person in 2015/16.

Peter Jones, Eunomia's Principal Consultant (left) presents the Local Authority Recycling Carbon Index Trophy to Cllr Phyl Davies, Cabinet Member for Waste and Recycling. Also pictured are Nigel Brinn, the council's Head of Highways, Transport and Recycling, and Ashley Collins, the council's Waste and Recycling Strategy Manager.

Eunomia's index calculates the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are prevented as a result of local residents' recycling efforts.  Recycling saves greenhouse gas emissions because it avoids waste being sent to rot in landfill or burned in an incinerator - and because it reduces the need for energy-intensive extraction of raw materials.

The council also showed the biggest year-on-year improvement, according to the index, jumping from 103kg of carbon saved per person in 2014/15 to 130kg in the last financial year.

Accepting the trophy on behalf of the council, Cllr Phyl Davies, Cabinet Member for Waste and Recycling, said: "To be the leading recycling carbon-saving council in all of England, Northern Ireland and Wales is a great achievement.

"We're very proud of what local residents have helped us achieve and I would like to thank them for their efforts in getting us to the top spot, we couldn't have done it without them.

"The result shows that the effort that residents and our staff make to separate waste at source really pays dividends when it comes to producing carbon savings."

Eunomia's Principal Consultant Peter Jones, who presented the council with its award, said: "I'd like to congratulate Powys County Council on their greatly improved and very impressive recycling performance. Recycling has an important contribution to make to the UK's efforts on climate change, and just looking at recycling rates doesn't tell you the whole story.

"Our Recycling Carbon Index helps authorities to see the types of recycling that have the greatest impact, and to identify new opportunities as well as highlighting successes so far. It also helps the public understand the reasons why recycling is so important."

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