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Archives: Local Studies Policy



Local Studies forms part of the Library Service and the Archive Service within Leisure & Recreation Services of Powys County Council

This policy will be implemented within the context of the bilingual nature of the county and in line with Powys County Council's commitment to equality and diversity. It will also be implemented in line with the Council's Sustainable Development Strategy.


Geographical Area

The geographical area served by Local Studies within the Library Service and the Archive Service is the former administrative counties of Montgomeryshire, Radnorshire and Breconshire.  Plus the parishes brought in to Powys by the reorganisations of 1974 and 1996; also the areas lost to Powys in the reorganisations of 1974 and 1996.

Local studies collections are housed at Newtown library (Montgomeryshire), Brecon library (Breconshire), Llandrindod library (Radnorshire). Small, mainly lending stocks are held by other libraries across Powys. Local studies material is also acquired by Powys Archives to supplement the archival collections held at the Archives (please refer to the Powys Archives Collection Policy, 2007 for more details).


Scope of the Collection

The Library Service and Archive Service will acquire local studies material that fulfils one or more of the following criteria that relate to:

  • The geographical area of Powys, as defined above, plus, where appropriate, material falling within the catchment area of Powys Archives, which may extend over the Powys county border.
  • Events and activities occurring in the area
  • Individuals who have lived or have worked or are otherwise connected to the area
  • The cultural diversity of the county


Methods of Acquisition

Powys Archives will acquire material for the local studies collection:

  • By gift (including bequest)
  • By purchase
  • By subscription

The Library Service and the Archive Service reserve the right to refuse material unless clear and valid title of ownership can be proved.



Formats can include: printed material, typescripts, prints, ephemera, tape recordings, video, microfilm/fiche, vinyl recordings, CDs, DVDs. Material that is collected may be presented in English, Welsh or other language.


1. Monographs - Books, manuscripts, dissertations etc

The Library Service and the Archive Service will acquire new and out of print monographs, which fulfil the local studies collection criteria including:

  • Local history, whether new, recent or historic.
  • Materials concerning the topography, geology, archaeology and natural history of the county.
  • Materials which reflect social and economic trends; for example education, sources of employment, leisure activities.
  • Religious, military and transport history relating to the counties.
  • Works of the imagination (e.g. fiction, poetry) by Powys-born authors or those who had strong connections with the county
  • Biographies and autobiographies of people who lived in, are living in, were born, in Powys.
  • Reference works for the study of local and family history
  • Academic theses which relate to Powys
  • Special collections eg Gregynog Press


2. Other printed material - ephemera, reports, dissertations etc

The Library Service and the Archive Service will maintain a representative collection of items for example:

  • Leaflets, pamphlets and programmes of local events
  • Annual reports
  • Press cuttings
  • Sale catalogues/leaflets
  • Local government studies/reports - town surveys/regeneration plans or statistical reports


3. Local Newspapers and newsletters

The Library Service and the Archive Service will maintain permanent files, paper and other formats, of local newspapers and newsletters both current and closed including:

  • All relevant newspapers for the county
  • A cross section of local free newspapers, according to availability
  • Parish magazines
  • Magazines and newsletters of local churches, local history groups, schools and other local organisations


4. Periodicals

Periodicals, either commercially published or produced by Powys-based organisations


5. Maps & Plans

The service will collect current Ordnance Survey maps of scale 1:00,000 and larger, where appropriate, to maintain a comprehensive collection. Older maps will be collected by the acquisition of original or facsimile maps as they become available.



The Library Service and the Archive Service may dispose of certain items if:

  • A new edition of a work is obtained whose informational content renders the old edition inaccurate or obsolete and when the old edition has no continuing value for historical research.
  • A better duplicate is obtained. However consideration must be given to small publication runs, or older out-of-print material, where duplicates may be worth retaining.
  • Old stock has no relevance to research
  • A collection of books is presented of which only part is worthy of retention


Methods of Disposal

Methods of disposal of items include:

  • Return to the original donor or sources
  • Gift to other organisations
  • Sale or auction for best possible price
  • Destruction
  • Transfer to other appropriate bodies outside Powys County Council



This Collection Policy aims to facilitate access to The Library Service and the Archive Service Local Studies material to as wide an audience as possible.  It does not distinguish between users by race, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender, ability or disability. Wherever necessary access is made possible for people where there may be existing barriers - social, cultural, attitudinal, economic, sensory, physical or intellectual.


March 2008

Reviewed 2011

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For review 2021

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