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Powys County Archives Office operates in line with the Statement of Policy which was adopted by Powys County Council on 18 June 1991. This statement requires the County Archives to:

  1. acquire records relating to Powys' cultural and historical past, and keep and preserve them in accordance with the relevant legislation
  2. provide public access to them

In line with strategic plans set out by Powys County Council, Powys Archives contributes to the Council's priorities, which are:

  • Integrated health and adult social care
  • Children & young people
  • Transforming learning and skills
  • Stronger, safer and economically viable communities
  • Financially balanced and fit for purpose public services

This policy will be implemented within the context of the bilingual nature of the county and in line with Powys County Council's commitment to equality and diversity. It will also be implemented in line with the Council's Sustainable Development Strategy.



  1. To promote and increase access to archives
  2. To raise awareness of Powys Archives and its functions
  3. To promote Powys Archives as a resource for learning
  4. To improve the quality of learning of pupils and students of all ages through the appropriate use of archives
  5. To promote social inclusion



  1. To encourage the preservation, donation and deposit of archives
  2. To increase access to archives and to extend the community of users of Powys Archives both locally and at a distance
  3. To undertake talks and create exhibitions
  4. To organise and lead group visits to Powys Archives, where possible
  5. To promote Powys Archives through printed and broadcast media
  6. To provide suitable resources for classroom use, where possible
  7. To provide training and advice on the educational use of documents
  8. To support teachers using archive material in their classrooms
  9. To offer advice and guidance to students undertaking research
  10. To encourage links between Powys Archives and external organisations and to collaborate with them on joint projects


Talks, Visits and Exhibitions

  • responding to requests for visits to Powys Archives, both inside and outside normal office hours
  • responding to requests for lectures and talks to be given at venues elsewhere, both inside and outside normal office hours
  • providing small exhibitions of original and/or copy documents at Powys Archives and elsewhere
  • supporting events such as Local History Fairs by providing a display and an advice desk
  • where possible, organising Open Days for the general public


Increasing access to Powys Archives via the Internet

  • developing access to Powys Archives catalogues on-line via our own online catalogue & web-site, and the Archives Hub website.
  • Promoting Powys Archives through printed and broadcast media
  • providing press releases via the County Council Public Relations Office
  • providing interviews for radio and television, and press media
  • publishing and distributing a quarterly newsletter
  • facilitating the use of archives in specific projects by broadcasting organisations and film companies
  • writing articles for newsletters and periodicals published by local and family history societies


Collaboration and partnership with other organisations

  • working with Powys Libraries and Museums
  • working collaboratively with local organisations, including community groups and local societies, on projects of mutual interest


Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring is undertaken by:

  • recording the provision of and attendance at talks and visits
  • recording the provision of exhibitions
  • recording number of visits to Powys Archives website
  • using the above statistics to inform colleagues, elected members and (via Powys Archives Annual Report) the general public, as well as making an annual return to Chartered Institute of Public Finance


Evaluation of outreach and education activities is obtained:

  • through the use of satisfaction questionnaires and comment forms
  • by the collection and review of comments according to Powys County Council Complaints procedure
  • by informal feedback
  • by the use of focus groups, as appropriate


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For review 2021

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