What is your empty property costing you?

You will be paying full council tax charge on the property which will be costing you between £860 and £3,265 a year in council tax, and from 1st April 2017 long-term empty properties (empty for a continuous period of one year) will be charged a 50% council tax premium increasing annual charge by between £430 and £1,633

Add utilities standing charges, buildings insurance (if you can get it) as well as deterioration and damages could take it well over £7,000.

View council tax discounts for empty properties

What could you be earning if someone lived in it?

Properties vary in Powys for the rental values but depending on the property type you could be earning from £382 per month.

Empty property funding options

Download our leaflet [545KB]  for more information, or go to our home improvement page.

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