Keeping your home up to standard

If you have an issue with your rented property that is dangerous or harmful to your health e.g. no heating or electrical hazards, you should initially ask your landlord to repair it. If the landlord fails to act or the problem persists, you may report it to us and we will send an officer to inspect your home. We will then be required to work with the landlord to resolve the issue. 

The Private Sector Housing Team provide specialist advice and information to homeowners, tenants and landlords on housing standards. This often involves visiting the property to carry out a full inspection using the  Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). [356KB]  This is a risk-based assessment aimed at identifying the most hazardous problems in a property.

Where advice and guidance does not result in an improvement in housing conditions, and where there is a significant risk to the occupier's health and safety, the council may use its statutory powers.

We will inspect privately rented accommodation, on request, if you are concerned about compliance with legal standards.


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