Advice on Woodland Management (Coed Cymru)

"Coed Cymru has been advocating sensible and sustainable woodland management for 21 years throughout Wales.  It focuses on the management of neglected native woodlands and the continual development of the hardwood processing sector. 

We strive to offer real understanding of the social, commercial and environmental importance of woodlands in Wales.

Our aim is to rebuild a culture of woodland management in Wales which will improve and perpetuate our woodlands.  If the benefits can be made to exceed the costs we will achieve our objective."


What is Coed Cymru?

Coed Cymru is an initiative supported by statutory bodies, governmental organisations and private companies across Wales. It offers free help and advice on the management of woodlands and the sustainable use of woodland products. It covers everything from the growth of new trees through to high quality Welsh hardwood products.


What does Coed Cymru do in Powys?

As well as advising the council on the management of our own woodland estate, Coed Cymru officers offer specialist technical support, including:

  • a full forest and woodland management planning and advisory service
  • advice on materials procurement, woodland certification, construction, and waste management
  • advice on green energy including the use of biofuels and renewables
  • information and advice on highways, verges and the management of outdoor spaces. 


Coed Cymru works with a range of other bodies on local and national projects


Get Advice

To get advice on woodland management, marketing of hardwood timber, or technical information about specialist products and technology, please contact your local Coed Cymru officer.


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