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North Powys Mobile Routes

StopWhere/TimeWhenRoute No.
AberbechanGatehouse 9.30-9.502nd Tuesday of the monthN105
AbercegirVillage 2.05-2.253rd Tuesday of the monthN109

Old post office 12.00-12.10,

Village 12.15-12.30

2nd Thursday of the monthN107
AbermuleCommunity centre 1.55-2.102nd Tuesday of the monthN105

Hedgerow 11.10-11.20,

Car park 11.20-11.35

1st Friday of the monthN104

Chapel 2.30-2.55,

School 3.00-3.30

2nd Wednesday of the monthN106

Church 11.05-11.25,

Glanyrafon estate 11.30-12.00

2nd Tuesday of the monthN105
Bettws CedewainVillage hall 9.55-10.252nd Tuesday of the monthN105
Bont DolgadfanVillage 11.40-12.104th Friday of the monthN116

Factory cottage 3.25-3.40,

Swn y nant 3.45-4.00

1st Friday of the monthN104
Bwlch y CibauKiosk 10.00-10.152nd Friday of the monthN108
BwlchyffriddVillage 10.10-10.251st Wednesday of the monthN102

Maesyddinas 2.30-2.45,

Maesydre 2.50-3.05,

School 3.10-3.45

1st Wednesday of the monthN102
CaerswsUpper green 12.15-12.304th Wednesday of the monthN114

Community centre 11.05-11.30,

Cledan gardens 11.35-11.55

1st Wednesday of the monthN102
CarnoBronfynnon 9.40-9.503rd Tuesday of the monthN109
Castle CaereinionMaesgarmon 2.50-3.202nd Friday of the monthN108
Cefn CochChurch hall 12.15-12.301st Friday of the monthN104
CemmaesPenrhos Arms 10.45-11.103rd Tuesday of the monthN109

Lay-by 10.55-11.05,

Crosslikey estate 11.10-11.30,

The Court house 3.05-4.00,

St Nicholas house 4.00-4.10

3rd Friday of the monthN112
ClatterMaesygenlli 12.00-12.151st Wednesday of the monthN102
Commins Coch

Brynteg 10.00-10.15,

Gwalia 10.25-10.35

3rd Tuesday of the monthN109
Crew Green

Melverley estate 2.15-2.30,

Brynmawr estate 2.35-2.55,

Maeshafren 3.00-3.45

3rd Wednesday of the monthN110

Cross gates cottage 12.30-12.40,

Village hall 1.40-1.50

3rd Wednesday of the monthN110
Cwm Belan

Cottage 11.40-11.55,

Bungalow 11.55-12.05

3rd Thursday of the monthN111
Cwm HarryWindrush 10.30-10.502nd Tuesday of the monthN105
Cwm LlinauVillage 11.15-11.403rd Tuesday of the monthN109
DarowenChurch 2.35-2.553rd Tuesday of the monthN109

Glynderwen 10.15-10.30,

Chapel 10.35-10.50

2nd Thursday of the monthN107
DeytheurOak lea 2.00-2.102nd Wednesday of the monthN106
DolanogPost office 10.35-10.451st Tuesday of the monthN101
DolfachPentre 3.00-3.152nd Thursday of the monthN107
DolforDolfor Inn 3.20-3.402nd Tuesday of the monthN105
Felindre, BerriewBridge 3.00-3.101st Friday of the monthN104
Felindre, LlanidloesEstate 2.00-2.153rd Thursday of the monthN111
FoelPen-y-ddol 1.45-2.101st Tuesday of the monthN101

Heritage green 9.45-10.00,

Church 10.30-10.45

3rd Wednesday of the monthN110
ForgeKiosk 11.05-11.202nd Thursday of the monthN107
Four Crosses

Llysrhysnant estate 10.10-10.30,

Foxen manor 2.50-3.20

4th Tuesday of the monthN113
Glan-y-NantTerrace 2.20-2.303rd Thursday of the monthN111
GroesllwydChapel 9.45-9.552nd Wednesday of the monthN106

Rhoslan, 10.00-10.15,

Chepstow avenue 10.45-11.00,

Acrefield drive 11.05-11.35,

Celyn close 11.40-12.00

2nd Wednesday of the monthN106

Church 1.45-2.00,

Tyn y wern 2.10-2.25

4th Thursday of the monthN115
HyssingtonVillage 1.15-1.453rd Friday of the monthN112

Pentre 2.20-2.35,

Square 2.40-3.10

2nd Tuesday of the monthN105
LlanChurch 11.25-11.354th Friday of the monthN116
LlanbrynmairPandy 2.40-2.502nd Thursday of the monthN107

Tafolwern turn 10.00-10.15,

Glanclegyr 10.20-10.35,

Bungalows 10.40-11.05,

Bryncoch 11.10-11.20

4th Friday of the monthN116
LlandinamVillage hall 2.45-3.304th Wednesday of the monthN114

White gables 1.30-1.40,

Punch bowl 1.45-1.55,

Post office 2.20-2.30

4th Tuesday of the monthN113

Kiosk 1.10-1.30,

Brooklyn estate 1.35-1.50

2nd Tuesday of the monthN105
LlanerfylCar Park 3.30-3.451st Tuesday of the monthN101
LlanfechainCar park 10.25-10.452nd Friday of the monthN108
Llanfihangel-yng-ngwynfaBro Gwynfa 11.00-11.151st Tuesday of the monthN101
LlangadfanCwpan pinc 2.35-3.051st Tuesday of the monthN101
LlangedwynPost Office 12.20-12.401st Thursday of the monthN103
LlangurigVillage 12.15-12.453rd Thursday of the monthN111

Car park 11.30-12.00,

Parc Minafon 12.05-12.20

4th Thursday of the monthN115

Maes yr ysgol 10.25-10.45,

Maesywennol 10.50-11.30

3rd Thursday of the monthN111
Llanrhaeadr ym mochnant

Maes yr afon 10.10-10.30,

Gwalia 11.00-12.00

1st Thursday of the monthN103
LlansantffraidMaes y garreg 3.35-3.45, Maes yr eglwys 3.45-4.001st Thursday of the monthN103
LlansantffraidFootball ground 11.30-11.452nd Friday of the monthN108
LlansilinCar Park 12.50-1.301st Thursday of the monthN103
LlanwddynCommunity centre 11.30-11.501st Tuesday of the monthN101
LlanwnogMaesyreglwys 1.30-1.501st Wednesday of the monthN102
LlanwrinBro dulas 1.30-1.453rd Tuesday of the monthN109
LlanwyddelanErw las 10.50-11.051st Friday of the monthN104

Dolphin car park 11.05-11.30,

Carreghofa 11.55-12.00

4th Tuesday of the monthN113
LlawryglynVillage 1.45-2.004th Wednesday of the monthN114
LlwydiarthPost office 12.05-12.251st Tuesday of the monthN101
LlwynygogVillage 1.55-2.104th Friday of the monthN116
ManafonPeacevale 1.45-2.051st Friday of the monthN104

Cil bach 12.00-12.15,

Car park 12.20-1.00

2nd Friday of the monthN108
MelinbyrhedinVillage 11.30-11.502nd Thursday of the monthN107
MellingtonOld school 10.15-10.403rd Friday of the monthN112
MiddletownCar park 11.45-12.003rd Wednesday of the monthN110
NewchapelTop Pant 9.30-10.003rd Thursday of the monthN111

Llys Glanyrafon 9.40-10.00,

Mill close 10.05-10.20,

Llys Hafren 10.55-11.10

4th Wednesday of the monthN114
Old ChurchstokeVillage 2.35-2.503rd Friday of the monthN112
Old Hall

Tanhinon 2.40-3.05,

Glanhafren 3.15-3.30

3rd Thursday of the monthN111

Lower house farm 2.10-2.20,

Talafon 2.25-2.40

1st Friday of the monthN104
PenegoesGlancrewi 2.10-2.252nd Thursday of the monthN107
PennantPandy 12.20-12.404th Friday of the monthN116
Penybont llanerch emrys

Old New Inn 2.50-3.05,

Four Crosses Farm 3.10-3.30

1st Thursday of the monthN103

Car park 10.25-10.55,

Old Smithy 12.25-12.50

4th Thursday of the monthN115
PenygarneddTy coch 10.05-10.204th Thursday of the monthN115
PontdolgochStores 1.15-1.201st Wednesday of the monthN102
PontrobertOld school house 10.00-10.151st Tuesday of the monthN101
Pool QuayAbbey close 9.40-9.504th Tuesday of the monthN113
SarnSpringfields 9.25-9.503rd Friday of the monthN112
SneadBroadway hall 11.50-12.003rd Friday of the monthN112
StaylittleVillage 2.15-2.354th Friday of the monthN116
StepasideVillage 11.40-12.004th Wednesday of the monthN114
TalerddigBakery 3.10-3.303rd Tuesday of the monthN109
TrefeglwysVillage hall 2.10-2.304th Wednesday of the monthN114

Waenfach 1.15-1.35,

Caer derw 1.40-1.55

2nd Wednesday of the monthN106

Tan yr eglwys 9.30-9.45,

Bungalows 9.50-10.05,

Old shop 10.10-10.40

1st Friday of the monthN104
TrewernPentre gwyn estate 12.10-12.203rd Wednesday of the monthN110
WelshpoolOldford close 3.30-3.454th Thursday of the monthN115
White GritHollies 1.55-2.053rd Friday of the monthN112





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