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How to access support

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Generally support for pupils with special educational needs follows a 'graduated response'. That means we build up the intensity of support if they are not responding as hoped to the work being done to increase progress.

How to access support

If you have concerns over the progress your child is making, you should first talk to the class teacher or the Additional Learning Needs Coordinator / Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

Alternatively the school or pre-school may contact you to let you know of their concerns.

If it is agreed that the pupil has special educational needs, the school will assess whether the provision to meet those needs can be provided at School / Early Years Action or a request needs to be made for support from the local authority support services and so be considered at Early Years / School Action Plus.

Schools and settings are increasingly trained in assessing and supporting children with additional needs and most pupils remain at School Action.


Types of Support

Where a school or setting feels they need more support, they may contact the local authority support services and a consultation meeting agrees an action plan which may involve further work to be done by the school, and/or engagement of one of the support services:

  • The educational psychology service
  • Sensory Support team
  • Support from the Pupil Referral Service
  • Outreach from special school or specialist centre
  • Behaviour support through the Youth Intervention service / Action for children
  • In early years, support is provided through the setting asking for support through what is known as the Referral process for early years



For information on current educational provision for children and young people with additional learning needs please contact:

For information on the Powys County Council ALN Transformation Programme please contact:


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