In school support for pupils with ALN

Learning and Inclusion Support Team (LIST)

LIST consist of five SEN Advisory Teachers, each with different specialisms.  We work with schools across Powys to support children who need additional support.

Talk to the Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCo) at your child's school to find out more about support. Please contact the school's office to find out who the ALNCo is at your child's school. 

The team may support schools to:

  • Manage Additional Learning Needs (ALN) across schools, including mapping provision for the whole school and managing the ALN register.
  • Support teachers to differentiate at all levels of ability and to be inclusive by being aware that 'all teachers are teachers of ALN'.
  • Help teachers to be supportive of a range of learning needs, including:
    • social communication difficulties,
    • attention and memory difficulties and
    • specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, in their class.
  • Help Teaching Assistants to be most effective in delivering interventions and monitoring outcomes.
  • Introduce and monitor targeted interventions, delivered by teachers and teaching assistants.
  • Monitor and track progress of ALN students.
  • Support pupil transitions to new classes as well as onto High School or post-school, with personalised transition programs and information provided to new settings.
  • Provide whole-school training on a range of additional educational needs topics.

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