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Premises licence - How to apply

If the premises are in Powys, you will need to apply to us. Applications must be in a specific format. We'll also need to see an operating schedule, a plan of the premises and a form of consent from the premises supervisor.

An operating schedule includes details of:

  • the licensable activities
  • the times when the activities will take place
  • any other times when the premises will be open to the public
  • the period the licence is required for
  • information about the premises supervisor
  • whether alcohol sold is to be drunk on or off the premises
  • any other relevant information.

You must pay a fee when you first apply for your premises licence. If it's granted, you then pay yearly fees, based on the rateable value of the premises.

There is no time limit on a premises licence (unless you ask for one). It lasts until you decide to give it up unless you break the terms and the licence is revoked.


Application forms

Apply online using the links below.  The links take you to another government website.

Apply for a premises licence

Apply for a provisional statement

Pay your annual fee

You must tell us about any changes

You can also get application forms from us using the contact details on this page. Please complete the form and return it with the fee to the area licensing office.

You will be charged a fee for this licence.




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